Thursday 13 November 2008

The Clan of MacLeod

If you’re bored of Blackwatch then here’s another tartan pattern to keep your eyes out for. I’ve not see it worn much but I know its very popular with our punk friends in Japan.

This one is one of the patterns from the fiery MacLeod Clan, these guys don’t mess about, if you check your history you’ll read of how the Clan was plagued with fallouts and civil war.


The first links of this tartan and the MacLeod name came in 1842.

This guy is not from 1842 and nor unfortunatly is his surname MacLeod but however he is reppin' the clan to the fullest. I snapped him in Shoreditch London a few weeks ago.


I’m looking to cop a MacLeod Scarf so hit me up if you find one.


Anonymous said... interesting.

@OllieDanger said...

Not really but to some. I know when you clock it on road you'll think of me!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I've been looking for this pattern for a while but have had no luck.

@OllieDanger said...

Me and you both Joe. If your ever about Oxford Street check the tartan shops down there. If they dont have it then they'll surely have some info on it.

Anonymous said...

It's not plaid is it, it's tartan!