Friday 21 November 2008

Butter For The Feet This Winter

I'am a big fan of straight minimal colored footwear (favorites being white/ cream) not to say i don't do the bananas colorways but, theirs something i get from looking down on a clean white toe box, tilting my foot to to see a even whiter side panel and mid sole.
So if your like me and like that minimal look here are my two advisable pick ups during this cold winter season.

Visvim logan highs
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Raf by Raf Simons High top trainers
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Oh and matts new vans.

who said the sneaker game was dead ?

loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake


@witts_bntl said...

good luck getting your hands on some logan mids.

@misterlego said...

brother iv been beasting for a pair of the logans like michael j,
in a primary skool

Anonymous said...

^ He can get them at along with some FLOMS for a grand total of £100...BARGAINZ!!!

@witts_bntl said...

I had some of the patent logan highs, they were madly uncomfortable.

FBTs are best fitting and most comfortable Visvim I've tried..

Anonymous said...

I have the rafs but they cost me £80, I certainly wouldn't for the RRP the quality is poor, but they do look good.

Anonymous said...

Yoox, they also had the black ones, and the same shoe with the striped on the tongue for the same price.

Anonymous said...

baaaitest half cab rip offs i've ever seen.