Monday 17 November 2008

Volumes and Volumes and Volumes

For the past 6 months or so my musical radar has been permanently switched off and I haven't taken much notice of anything other than what’s occurring on the dubstep circuit.

This is definitely not something I normally do because as many people will know I'm quite partial to many other musical genres.

So this evening I ceased the dubstep listening and decided to sift through my sister's CD collection to have a listen to Volumes 1 - 5 of the Pure Garage Albums mixed by DJ EZ.

Having grown up during the golden era of UK Garage my sister has been an avid listener and collector of UK garage compilations.

Upon the rediscovery of some absolute gems (including some bait dance floor fillers and some lesser appreciated tracks) I have attempted to select my favourite song from each of the 5 volumes and some close competition.

This was far from an simple exercise as the choices were never ending.

Pure Garage Volume 1 : Colour Girl - Joyrider

2nd choice : Y Tribe - Enough is Enough
3rd choice : Z Bias - Neighbourhood

Pure Garage Volume 2 : The Wideboys - Westside ( 2 da floor mix)

Joint 2nd Choice : Wookie - What's Goin' On (Vocal Mix)
3rd Choice : Artful Dodger, Robbie Craig feat Craig David - Woman Trouble

Pure Garage Volume 3 : M:Dubs Feat. Lady Saw - Bump 'n' Grind (One for the ladies gang)

Pure Garage Volume 4 : Sia - Little Man

Pure Garage Volume 5 : Ed Case - Something in Your Eyes (K Warren Mix)

Oh I'm throwing this one last one in for good measure.
Thanks to Plastician's 'Roots of Everything' show on Rinse a fair few weeks back now, I rediscovered this insane banger!

US Alliance - All I know

Please feel free to agree / disagree / or suggest some of your own favourites.


Anonymous said...

BIGGEST post on the page Gregg! Little man remix!

@witts_bntl said...

huge post gregory, takes me backkkkkkkk.

@OllieDanger said...

Big post!

Bro the Ed Case is the only one im agreeing with.

Heres my top 5 +1. (Apologies for the lack of names)

DJ Luck MC Neat -Aint no Stoppin Us
Sparks and KIE -'Rollin with the..'
Mc Vapour Mark Ryder -'I remember..'
Wookie -Battle
Scott and Leon -You used to hold me
187 Lockdown -Forgot the name

When my kids ask me 'Dad, what music scene were you part of?'

I will say garage loud proud.

@greg_bntl said...

is the track you were thinking of Gunman?

Ollie i agree 100% with all your choices.

I could have literally put up 100's of my favs but that would have been long and they would have included all yours

@OllieDanger said...

Yes bro its Gunman...biggest tune.

Man i struggled to pick just 6. So many classics came out of them early days.

You need to check Max's collection. Serious!

@greg_bntl said...

Ah No doubt. I have heard the tales of his set at work it a few months back.
Tan and I were discussing how we hope something similar might occur at this weekend's work it ???

Out to you Maxwell !!!

Anonymous said...

Sia-Little Man is ALOT!

Anonymous said...

Tan you know whats gwarning.

Anonymous said...

Dun know Timbo

Anonymous said...

If you like this you may like the fact that LOCKED ON is relaunching, and I'm the boss...

Crazy times.

Anonymous said...

Greg you're alot.

Goldielocks you're alot too, I fancy you.

Matthew Schnickens said...

Big post Greggle. You're more than amazing.

max volume said...

Trust me, if you only heard the talk, watch the ride this weekend

Going back in the day like Smasher himself

@greg_bntl said...

Maxwell, I am more than ready for this weekend.

Out to everyone else.

and yes Goldielocks I'll be sure to check it. safe!

JACKbntl said...

wow. reminds me of country club and my youth. arrrrrgh i miss the CC!

max volume said...

I commend your choices Smegory. It must be noted of course that garage went through several turns of age... although most of these dropped 98/99 - an especially lively season. Beg you share the secret of how to post youtube links, I got some goodies to share as a taster for the weekend's 2step extravaganza!

Anonymous said...


Georgia LA said...

Amazing, just found this blog and these tunes that names i'd forgot are so biggg!

+one said...

I challenge anyone to make a 2step beat as fucked up as US Alliance - All I Know. big choice.

another big one:
M Dubs - Over Here (for the crew who go back to remember 'IRON MIKE')

tho for me, the winner is :
Mos Wanted - Got Myself Together.

post-millenium pre-grime 2step badness.

DJ Oneman.