Tuesday 25 November 2008

Back II Life DVD Mixtape

This is Rajah, the confectionary kingpin who's the Official Stockist of the Back II Life DVD mixtape.

b2l 1

b2l 2

Here's the trailer:

He runs Newsagents all over town and as part of a special introductory offer/extravaganza every Saturday for the next 4 weeks 20 copies will be available for FREE from a different one of Rajah's shops (1 north, 1 south, 1 east and 1 west) upon request at the counter.

The first drop of 20 FREE copies is this Saturday 29th November at Marshall News on Marshall Street W1, just off Carnaby Street.

Alternatively the first 20 callers FROM Saturday to ring Rajah can leave their name and address and get a copy sent out FREE of charge.

Information on the next three shop locations can also be found by calling the big man on +44 (0)7841 465 474

Or check the blog



Elle Bee said...

I need this. Can someone pick me up a copy?

@witts_bntl said...

don't worry Ron, BNTL will have plenty to give away to our devoted fans....

JACKbntl said...

good look witts. whens to early to ring him saturday?

Anonymous said...

I've seen that shop-keeper photo somewhere before...

Anonymous said...

It's on the myspace..