Friday 21 November 2008

Pop 'Africana

Is a new magazine/ website venture started by Oroma Elewa and D∆nFodio - it is a new visually captivating project that has just been launched by a few, fellow creatives. Pop'Africana is a collaborative effort which aims to re-introduce and re-define all aspects of “Art Africano”

Not only will the magazine aim to re-educate the globe on African ideas of style and individualism it also aims to serve as a robust, visual guide for understanding the “Africano pshyce” from an all inclusive perspective. Pop'Africana sets thestandard for iconic style and individualism and we are steering to the limits of the stars.

So jump aboard ! Show some love to the premier issue by just a click.

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@OllieDanger said...

Looks like a very good start.