Tuesday 18 November 2008


I dunno if any of you reached the Kanye West show at the o2 last week....

but anyway everybody has their opinions about the show and Kanye and blah blah blah but i'm here to talk about the afterparty.

I wasn't going to attend the show let alone the afterparty but after being saved tickets by the man himself 45 mins before the show i felt i kinda had to attend.. and then went back to say hello and then a few drinks later and listening to what seemed like a 100 new ILLLL tracks we all rolled over to the afterparty. I'm easily persuaded.

So we turn up a lot later than was scheduled and i guess most of the people left figuring that Kanye + crew weren't attending and there must have been a crowd of about 60 people.

The afterparty was dedicated to artists on the g.o.o.d music label and Kanye went through 1 by 1 introducing the artist and their songs...

then he introduces this 1 guy called MR HUDSON. We had been chatting tohim backstage complimenting him on his choice of outfit. Apparently i'm seriously late on Mr Hudson but who really gives a fuck it's not a race.

Anyway this is him....

Image Hosted by

outfit = don

so he performs this song called 'THERE WILL BE TEARS'

and it made me cry!!

NOT ON SOME PUSSY FLEX but just because his voice was soooooo beautiful!!

you can listen to it on....

its the 1st song... the second 1 is sick aswell check it out.

anyway after he performs some other artits performs and then Kanye performs Love Lockdown to this little crowd with Kid Cuddi and who jumps on stage...


who starts to spit.

and then

DE LA SOUL hop up and have a go...




NAS turns up from nowhere and performs

oh and Damon Alburn happened to be on stage giving approving nods to the beat and looking a little uncomfortable amongst all the rappers

at that point the champagne had gone to my head and i was doing the serious 1 foot skank on the sofa and run into the crowd taking the swaggest pics with carris camera...

sorry about the quality but it'll have to do..

Image Hosted by

oh i found this vid... says its not available but its showing up dark so i guess that'll do..

good times.
thought you lot might be into it.


kesh. (the girl who never posts)



Anonymous said...

would be very suprised if Damon Albarn actually looked uncomfortable, he's done alot hip hop wise. Good looks on Mr. Hudson & The Library.

@OllieDanger said...

'This is mos def on stage with the red and black lumberjack/i know biggie smalls will be happy with that.'


Looked ill.

Matthew Schnickens said...

"Stay fresh in the black lumberjack, i'm sure biggie would be proud of that!"

I preferred your version Ollie, haha.. we already knew you've got lyrics.. Remember that night in Juno? When you won that print? And then left it at the weird guys house!? Sounds like a film.

@OllieDanger said...

Haha bro i thought id drop a lil remix for people who dont know about my skills.

Juno proved to the world im a serious lyracist.

Anonymous said...

Yes Keshia, More posts now yes.

Matthew Schnickens said...

Yeah sorry. BIG post Kesh!

max volume said...

Shocking! That's one eck of a "look who just flew in" line up! Still, Dave 1 was the only one going off the dome, so I was schitting anticipating something interplanetary from NaS after that... and I got recital. Huuuge post still and a welcome return from Kesh. Mr Hudson though... the jury's out for me. He's wearing the man from Del Monte's hat for Pete's sake!

Matthew Schnickens said...

Sounded like the early Mos Def bars were off the top too Maxwell??

max volume said...

True... but much as I rate Mos, I didn't expect much from his freestyle and he didn't deliver. Just my opinion. He sings like a dan all the same

KESH said...

well brey check this video at 3:08 onwards and tell me that wernt awkward...

dnt get me wrong damon is still a don.

that is all.

Matthew Schnickens said...

When they dropped that Reflection Eternal song and Mos came back on, that smackkkkked it. And suprisingly Will.I.Am smashed it.

Anonymous said...

hmm, interesanté Kesh. I just reckon Damon wanted to sing then spit a couple of bars but couldn't. Will.I.Am is swag..ciao

KESH said...

agreed with the opinion of willy being swag. but i guess you had to be there.

ta ta