Friday 7 November 2008

Autumn in the shape of a Tee

It has literally been grey for days upon days. However fortunately today Croydon brightened up and the sun came out. With this occurrence I decided to knuckle down and work on creating some pano’s. They definitely still require some more work on the photography side and the Photoshop side. Obviously both images can be viewed on a larger scale if you wish to click on them!

autumn pano2

autumn pano3

An accompanying UK Hip-Hop gem : Foreign Beggars - On A Winter's Day

Bring 'pon the danger!

1 comment:

@greg_bntl said...

They are pano's. I.e. a sequence of photos stitched together.
I am showing a different type of photography.
Plus I mentioned if you care to read, that they require some work still!