Sunday 30 November 2008

Fact Magazine - Trimbale.

Safe Elijah for linking me to this.

Here's an article on the new music fueled website 'Fact Magazine' featuring a picture I took of Trim some time ago in Poplar.

fact magazine

Red the article, check the site.. Might as well.


JACKbntl said...

didnt anyone ask to use the pics?

bonnie said...

salud matt. big in the game.
p.s. you really should have been asleep by then. now fix yourself.

bonnie said...

why couldnt you write that without being anonymous?
- because its rude. yeah. dont be a prick

Anonymous said...

ha. he is get in there my son
oh and i left my name happy now

Matthew Schnickens said...

Another anon nutcase, I don't know a Steve.

bonnie said...

anyways matt. you know relations couldnt happen with you... i'd be to jels of ben. look at you conversing away at that time! ahha

Matthew Schnickens said...

Nothing is goin on with Ben, don't worry about that!