Thursday 6 November 2008

Moving Into The White House

They said that Bush has left Barack a few problems with the country concerning
the economy, war, health care, housing etc.
but i wonder what state Bush will leave the white house in ?

You know, because I know if i was George Bush I would be pissed to leave such a plush house and to leave one of the highest post throughout history. I would turn straight fucking childish and leave pure sneaker piss takes around the house on a sly.

I can just imagine Bush doing the same, leaving him a pile of unnecessary domestic shit to deal with for example,

Barack will opening one of the toilets to find a fat floater George Bush left on purpose.
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Go to toast some Hardo bread, but be met with a half broken toaster.
Image Hosted by
(and yeah i said hardo bread not slice bread, he did say he was bringing change remember)

Wrap Barack's new home office in foil.
Image Hosted by

Change the house alarm to go off at 4am every morning.
Image Hosted by

leave the kitchen sink a mess.
Image Hosted by

Not clean the bath and leave residue.
Image Hosted by

Good luck Barack.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Shar said...
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Shar said...

Urgh that first picture was disgusting man.
But this blog is funny.
You just made my morning misterlego.

Anonymous said...

alie ^^^

Elle Bee said...

omg this was the funniest post!

do you think he eats hardo bread?! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Lego was that your Poo in the first picture?

Anonymous said...

Lego: why do you love to post images of dodo? its nasty.

Matthew Schnickens said...

There's nothing funnier than poo.

@misterlego said...

"You just made my morning misterlego"

now when some one who iv never meet in my life . . .
rights such a comment
it shows that i must be doing something right on this blog

alie ? ? ?

comments left like that of shar's,
just makes anonymous hater comments seem like 1p's in a water fountain to me . . .

and nope it aint my poo lol

and il relax on the poo pictures from now on . . .

Anonymous said...

shut up lego. just cus u made one dumb chicks morning (btw you didn't make her day) don't mean that u deserve to blog on bntl, when theres like 10 other peoples morning you ruined.. just by being alive.

Anonymous said...


@misterlego said...

lmao i have to admit that was funny still . . .

Kevin Lanre said...

LOL...Lego, you're wild!

Anonymous said...

Lego u slay me....only u wud put up such horrid pics!!