Thursday 6 November 2008

'Street Glam' with SPX

At work today a colleague of mine rocked up in a pair of sneaks I’d all but forgotten. The sneaks in question were the SPX’s. There’s no doubt that the shape of this shoe is large up. I’ve never owned a pair and probably never will but damn where did these come from and go?


She said she picked them up in Berlin a year ago for 90euros.

Wanting to know a bit more information about the shoe, I hit up the money makeking machine that is google and what I found was ‘interesting’.

The website…well it has flash, that’s a start. Apart from that there isn’t a lot going on. The new range is worth checking out, again I probably wont be purchasing any but have a look and make your own mind up.

Click here to view it in all its bling'd out glory.

The information regarding the history of the shoe is strangely written. Like when your parents used to say slang words to you back in the day thinking they were ‘down with the kids’.

I'll leave you with my favourite paragraph from the website...

'It's time to put that hip hop back on your feet!'



@OllieDanger said...

Haha i know what your saying Tan. I like the history and the shape but other than that i'd never be seen dead in them.

Anonymous said...

i bet ud be all over this tan if it was featured on hypebeast......