Friday 7 November 2008

Lords of Dogtown

Not many days left to hit the streets with your board so if your feeling depressed then head to your local dvd store and pick up one of the finest skateboarding films to date. Lords Of Dogtown is the story of 'the Z boys' a group of kids who didnt want to do anything but surf and skate.

The great thing is that this film is based on a true story. Skaters Jay Adams (badderman, Tony Alva (ladies man) and Stacey Peralta (sensible man) revolutionised the sport of skateboarding back in the 1970's. Everything we do now was started by these 3 guys.

Their rise and fall is a beautiful story.

The film is cheesy in places but some of the scenes make up for it. Heath Ledger plays quite a big role with a nice performance while Tony Hawkes' guest appearance is jokes.



Elle Bee said...

the documentary is drastically better.

Anonymous said...