Thursday 27 November 2008

What's her name?

If you're struggling to find anything original to buy your lady friends this Christmas then head over to Joblogggs to purchase something a little different. Or if this whole crazy economic market has affected your wallet then take some inspiration from this young designer and make your own gifts.

This girl can really make something out of anything. I love the quirkiness of her designs.

The item that caught my eye was the Casino chips which she has re-engineered into earrings.

casino chip earrings

Also check out the Telephone Handbags and 'Bags' for Life.


P.C. WILLIAMS said...

I think her phone bags are my fav's!!! Xx

Whathehelle Fontenelle said...

I love the concept behind the earrings which is especially relevant in a time of massive economic downturn - impressive also, that she has used what is very much around here to great effect. Nice.

KESH said...

go jo!!!!!

those telephone bags are the one.

i couldn't my bloody eyes when she flashed one of those badboys in front of my eyes at Adam Theos night Spaceraiders.


Anonymous said...

Real cool idea! the red with the club signs are crraaayzzi

I wanna get them for a friend for xmas, I can buy them from her blog right? what was it again?

zack.tate said...

Her blog is:

Good work Jo Ro

Anonymous said...

Wow, finally there's life in this blog.
I was beginning to wonder.
I might buy my sister one of those bags.
Looks good.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you lot are bait.. It's good you rep your friends.. but this is just shameless. I'm talking about the commentors.

KESH said...

why's it ALWAYS anonymous comin in and ruining the party.

if ur name ain't down...

nobody gives a shit.

P.C. WILLIAMS said...

Exactly!!! xx

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha ,I think anon wet his pants! what a loser P.S find your own friends !

Anonymous said...

You lot are all mad, this is like an episode of The Babysitters Club.