Wednesday 5 November 2008

No Words Needed . . .

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Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


midwestconnect said...

I was there in Grant Park Chicago to witness this...the most INCREDIBLE thing i've EVER witnessed in my life...

Del said...

I Look Up To A Role Model Of My Era And Realise Anything Is Achievable With Focus

i will never play the race card for as long as i live

Anonymous said...

To be honest I hate the fact that he won, McCain should've won, but oh well, what can you do when 99% of the Black-Americans only care about his race and not polices.
Hope you all look forward to an American Socialist state.
I bet if he was white and 10 years older McCain would be the 44th president of USA.
Black American's are just straight up racists, face it.
Hope you feel the brute, and there will definantly be a change.

@OllieDanger said...

'Midewestconnection' thats probably the biggest burn in the history of burns, second to that of the burning Barack just gave McCain.

Anyway i've gotta add my 10pence to this. 'Someone you all know' your comment is embarrassing, i've not got issue about you hating on black people or whatever you seem to be hating on. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Its not like no white people didnt vote for him.
I can tell your the kind of person who thinks Hip Hop is just for the black. Hip Hop is for the underdog, the down trodden and the person who is in need of hope. Race doesnt come into it you fool, the whole world worked that out about a 3 months ago. Its like you've just turned your tv on for the first time in 10 years and thought 'damn, there's a black dude running for president. I better put a stop to this'.

Your too late son he's won. Get of your computer and go do your homework.

For me personally i'm glad he won, the main reason i'm happy is because when i read into McCain and his policies all i could see was another Bush. The world is desperate for change!

@OllieDanger said...

Man have you even seen his speech?


Anonymous said...

So do you people think we can 100% say everyone voted for Obama cus of his policeys ??? Hmmmm

If race was not such a big issue then why oh why is all im hearing "the 1st BLACK man this and that"

Come on get real race had everythink to do with this election.

Only time will tell if this is gonna Save the world.

As i said if it didnt have anythink to do with race then we wudnt keep hearing the word BLACK when Obama is mentioned.

P.S - I wud of voted Obama

Elle Bee said...

maybe for a lot of people it was only about race and some people will have just voted him in because he is black...

but this election was not only about voting in a political leader but a representative face and family for the united states and marking a huge step forward in the timeline of black people in america where less than 50 years ago they still did not fully have the vote.

can you not understand that? why would it be racist to want to see a black person finally be able represent and lead the country that has oppressed your race for four hundred years?

nobody thinks he will "save the world" and he might turn out to be a crap president, but if anything it signifies spectacularly the eradication of racist legislation in america and the results of the civil rights movement in the 60´s and hopefully marks the beginning of a change in household racism and attitudes like yours towards black people.

Anonymous said...

Thats one hell of a 'reach for the sky bogle'

max volume said...

I agree it's an incredible shame that almost the entire global media reported the historic appointment as that of the "first BLACK president". It's called media burn or misinformation if you prefer. In the race to the election he was referred to only as Obama, then all the sudden every news-source was caling him Black this and that as has been said above. It's nothing new though. The UK media level with the US is THE most sensationalist on the globe! Trouble is too many people take the lazy views of these sensationalists as gospel. Media burn eats away at your grey matter... inform yourselves!