Sunday, 30 November 2008


Where-ever you may be.


We are the famous CFC.

Fact Magazine - Trimbale.

Safe Elijah for linking me to this.

Here's an article on the new music fueled website 'Fact Magazine' featuring a picture I took of Trim some time ago in Poplar.

fact magazine

Red the article, check the site.. Might as well.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Evidence & Alchemist - So Fresh (Step Brothers)

loving this beat



My first period came, and it was nowhere near as bad as people suggest.. What's all the fuss about girls?


yep yep, that time again a 2 day battle in the East End of town this weekend, starts tonight at 8pm check the Secret Wars website for info.




Fear not.. C is still free*.


Friday, 28 November 2008

Theatre Of The Mind & 808's And Heart Breaks

Two rather anticipated albums where released this week

Ludacris Theatre Of The Mind

Image Hosted by

Couldn't find a picture of the album cover so you'll have to make do with Ludacris getting it from behind off that lady. But anyway all i have to say is, if you're thinking about buying this album, don't think just buy it. This has to be by far the best album from Ludacris. Although there are only fourteen songs on the album the lyrics, beats and features make you forget all about that. Ludacris went hard on every song.

My stand out tracks,
I do it for hip-hop (nas and jay z)
Last of a dying breed (feat lil wayne)
Lets stay together

Now on to Kanye West 808's and heart breaks

Image Hosted by

The production and beats are hot, but lets face it, this fool is full of himself and thinks he can do anything. This album is garbage, 100% trash that will sell only because of the hype behind it. Kanye West cannot keep a note in tune, and all he does is whine and moan about his feelings. If you think you are going to get songs like "heartless" think again . . . KEEP YOUR MONEY.

My stand out track,
(no kanye hating i love the mans music, just none this type)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake

The light pierced the sky...

While I was home last week I teamed up with my little brother and we had a go at some light graffiti and some other shots. Here's some of our better attempts...

art project 208

art project 168

art project 205

art project 183

art project 204

art project 200

art project 194

art project 197

art project 184

art project 193

Your comments and feedback are welcomed...


Jean-François Moriceau & Petra Mrzyk
365 different illustrations everyone unique for every day of the year,
time to find a illustration for your bday with just a click.


Loving bntl lik ea fat kid loves cake.

The Massivest Dubstep Weekend

A huge weekend for Dubstep in Birmingham, big names across Friday and Saturday so I expect you to be in attendance!


the big dirty

Ave' it!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Trav Art

Some new works from our good friend Travis..


This first image "Ben Colour" is going to be displayed in the Fish Market Gallery in Northampton from the 28th November, along with work from other artists, designers and photographers.

Next is a peice for Terrorythm records the label of Dubstep producer Plastician and MC Nomad and is to be used for a t-shirt line Plastician is working on collaborating with a lot of underground artists.


The "FM Fox" image is for a forthcoming album release from Hip Hop legend Fantastic Mr Fox, a dubstep record that has been co-produced with Manchester based Rich Reason.


The rest are just random drawings from the world of Trav...




Go check out more of his work:

Big moves..

Life is a Fucking Cunt SomeTimes

Inzaghi scores in the 92nd minute leaving
Portsmouth fans just dream of what could have been.

Image Hosted by

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

What's her name?

If you're struggling to find anything original to buy your lady friends this Christmas then head over to Joblogggs to purchase something a little different. Or if this whole crazy economic market has affected your wallet then take some inspiration from this young designer and make your own gifts.

This girl can really make something out of anything. I love the quirkiness of her designs.

The item that caught my eye was the Casino chips which she has re-engineered into earrings.

casino chip earrings

Also check out the Telephone Handbags and 'Bags' for Life.

Candy Store 1st Birthday Party

The Candy Store will be celebrating its first birthday tomorrow and it's hard to believe a year has gone by since the opening. The success of the store is plain to see walking round the city seeing Candy items all over the cool kids of brum.

Head down to the party at So bar tomorrow night, entry is free but you need to pick up a ticket from the store if you haven't already..

candy birthday

Wishing Ian and the store many happy returns and highly recommending him to set up a private dental plan cause all that candy has to be bad for your teeth!

See you there.


This is for Ronny, and to bring me back 5 years and to alot of late night's in West.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Back II Life DVD Mixtape

This is Rajah, the confectionary kingpin who's the Official Stockist of the Back II Life DVD mixtape.

b2l 1

b2l 2

Here's the trailer:

He runs Newsagents all over town and as part of a special introductory offer/extravaganza every Saturday for the next 4 weeks 20 copies will be available for FREE from a different one of Rajah's shops (1 north, 1 south, 1 east and 1 west) upon request at the counter.

The first drop of 20 FREE copies is this Saturday 29th November at Marshall News on Marshall Street W1, just off Carnaby Street.

Alternatively the first 20 callers FROM Saturday to ring Rajah can leave their name and address and get a copy sent out FREE of charge.

Information on the next three shop locations can also be found by calling the big man on +44 (0)7841 465 474

Or check the blog



My boy WILL ROBSON SCOTT and DIRTY CANVAS have been working on this for a little while. Im just gonna give you some of the press release to get a better idea of the project...

'London's leading Grime night Dirty Canvas has teamed up with photographer Will Robson- Scott to bring you the first calendar of Grime music's biggest and best loved stars.

This limited edition A3 calendar features Wiley, Skepta, Tinchy Stryder, Trim, JME, Roll Deep, D Double E, Ghetto, Jammer, Chipmunk, Griminal, Tempa T, Badness, Ice Kid, Frisco, Double S, P Money and Lil Nasty.

With 500 copies printed available online at WWW.DIRTYCANVAS.BIGCARTEL.COM this unique piece features never seen before photos, capturing your favourite grime stars in the studio, performing live, backstage, jamming on road, in the chicken shop, getting a haircut and even assaulting an 80's TV Star!'


Monday, 24 November 2008

Senior Citizen Choir Sing Hip Hop Songs! (Including Eminem's 8 Mile, OutKast, Chamillionaire, Mc Hammer, Nelly & More)

had to post this shit bare jokes

"As I grow older and you grow wiser"

After last week's old school garage post I received a substantial quantity of positive, negative and informative responses. As I realised and I'm sure many others did, I missed out some obvious choices. However, simply bombarding the audience with hundreds of YouTube videos is not really my aim.
Instead I wish to firmly nudge one's brain cells in an attempt that floods of memories will be evoked.
So following that I have selected a further 5 tracks that I believe had and still have the capability of causing damage in a broad range of surroundings, whether it be in the dance or a jam session with your partner. Please take a moment to enjoy the following...

1) Sunship - Cheque One Two

2) F.U.N - It`s The Way (99 remix)

3) Lenny Fontana - Spirit Of The Sun (Steve Gurley Mix)

4) N'n'G feat. Kallaghan - Right Before My Eyes

5) Todd Edwards - Show Me A Sign

As per usual I shall include a little something post script.

This time a record especially for the ‘Work It’ gang who lapped up this one on Saturday night. Out to the DJ who selected this!

Ace Of Base - All that she wants

"Déjà vu, tell you what I’m gonna do
When they reminisce over you, my god"


ATG have got themselves a temporary blog while the site is being rebuilt.

Check it out HERE!

make it rain

30 stacks!


"Round ere theres more crime than stella"


I was feeling a bit down in the dumps from my disgusting new haircut earlier (see matts pics below)

and my friend Ian sent me a link and said read this it will cheer you up.

I clicked it.
Read the article.
and couldn't stop laughing.

I then went on to send it to my 2 friends sitting in the room with me who are also on their computers (yeh computer club) and they loved it too!

I wish there were people in the world like Mr David Thorne from Adelaide.

click the spider to see the article...

Image Hosted by


Re-worked it again..


Sunday, 23 November 2008

Keith Haring

Keith Haring was an artist who believed 'Art is for everyone!'. His work has become one of the most popular and most significant art movements of the 21st century. His work in New York City in the 1980's paved the way for so many people in street culture and has had a huge impact on the art we view today.

Last month 'The Universe of Keith Haring' was released in Italy, a film documenting the life of the late great Mr Haring.



Below is the trailer for the documentary...

Friday, 21 November 2008

Work It x Crooked Tongues

For those of you who missed the Work It x Crooked Tongues showcase last saturday here's the video. Created by Trav.

Tina Turnover and her crew throw a serious party....

'Work it' - block party from Trav on Vimeo.

They are back at it tomorrow. All i'm saying is get down there early.


Butter For The Feet This Winter

I'am a big fan of straight minimal colored footwear (favorites being white/ cream) not to say i don't do the bananas colorways but, theirs something i get from looking down on a clean white toe box, tilting my foot to to see a even whiter side panel and mid sole.
So if your like me and like that minimal look here are my two advisable pick ups during this cold winter season.

Visvim logan highs
Image Hosted by

Raf by Raf Simons High top trainers
Image Hosted by
Oh and matts new vans.

who said the sneaker game was dead ?

loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake