Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Drum & Bass Arena mixed by Dj Hype

Finally the torrent is up. this mix is so so serious. lots of unreleased dubs and some quality double drops.

Raise the roof then mr happy is perfection, beast city VIP and Original Sin - dont be silly all disgusting tunes.

torrent here...


Finding a new place in London..

... is long!

I found one in Bayswater on this one site but was put off by the description...

"clean, nice person, no drags, or drunks, clean, nice person, no drags, or drunks, clean, nice person, no drags, or drunks"

No drag queens or degenerate drunks man. Pissed.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Cool, one more flood for the road.


RIP Sleeping bag.

Make em say huuuuuuuuuuuuuh?

P gettin that hardcover ISBN money! What's next bout it public motivational tours?

Suck yo muddah

01 Beres Hammond - Putting Up Resi
02 Collie Buddz - Tommorow is Anot
03 Akon - Mama Africa
04 Richie Spice - Brown Skin
05 Gyptian - Beautiful Lady
06 Morgan Heritage - Brooklyn & Ja
07 Morgan Heritage - Tell Me How C
08 T.O.K. - Foot Prints
09 Sean Paul Ft. Sasha - I'm Still
10 Maxi Priest - Wild World
11 Sanchez - Mising You
12 Garnet Silk - Hello Mama Africa
13 Garnet Silk - Kingly Character
14 Pain Dawn - No No No
15 Ghost - Do You Believe in Love
16 Sizzla - Woman I Need You
17 Terry Linen - You Love is My Lo
18 Luciano - Knockin on Heaven's D
19 Night Nurse - Gregory Issac
20 Sizzla - They Aint Gonna See Us
21 Jr. Gong Marley - Welcome to Ja
22 Buju Banton - Driver A
23 Inner Circle - Bad Boys
24 Collie Buddz - Come Around


Monday, 29 October 2007

If this isn't worth postin here then i dont know what is

with that said, here's my current top 5 for all you suckaaaaaz

Young Jeezy - Gangsta Music
3 6 Mafia - Got it 4 sale
Project Pat - Rubberband me
Lil Wayne - I feel like dying
Twista - Charged

that is all.

A couple findings.. Click the play button twice, I think... might take some time to load, but bare with it. Stream, download - do what you feel.

A Tribute to J Dilla - J Rawls.

Passing Me By - The Pharcyde.

Fades 'Em All - Jamal.

Cold Steel - Phat Kat.

Sum Spooky Shit - J Dilla.

Sign up, and search the database yourself, the resources are ample!!

As Serious as a Morris Dancer doin' a jig.

Are you dumb!?

What James done.

Love on The Text Line

The Official Betterneverthanlate text line prize winners -



Grammatically shambolic.

Certificates and medals are in the post.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Is he still number one?

was he ever number one?

still is is quite amusing:


Last night was incredibly average. Arrived at the Rainbow warehouse at around 11, it was fairly empty and I wasnt really feeling the tunes, more peoples arrived and tek prime and freenote got on and bought some life to the party, venue got pretty packed out, some funny fancy dress costumes aswell. Because of legality issues drinks could not be directly purchased from the bar you had to buy a raffle ticket then exchange this raffle ticket for a drink... fairly long and all the drinks were one price so i had a dabble and bit of everything. Emalkay played in the dubstep room and really smashed things up some serious tunes... skanked deep to this!

I then got wind of another warehouse party just down the road with some better drum n bass so i gathered an army and off we went... whilst walking to the other warehouse i realised that cocaine makes people talk complete shit about shit and sometimes reveals the inner-homosexual... the people who im refering to will know and its such a shame they didnt come to the other warehouse with us....
So we finally get the other warehouse manage to blag the geeza on the door so we dont have to pay.. get in and theres about 20 people in the dnb room, we venture round find another room playing techno (oh dear) and a small bar. Two cans of Carlsberg for £3 so we werent complaining. TNT and Vytol played a pretty dope set some big jump up tunes. Cemtex was up next with a nice rolling selection mixing in a few classics. Shortly after on jumps some pilled up geeza in a wifebeater who's mixing wasnt too great and his selection wasnt much better... We wondered round and found a load of old fire extinguishers, to our joy they worked so we went and terrorised some people in the corridor with them. Next we found some light bulbs or as we named them "light sabres" we had a few battles until they all shattered. Realising the clocks had gone back and we had another hour to wait before the busses i chatted with cemtex about the dnb scene in general and how annoying lynx's new tune is... he seems to disagree.

7:30 came I walked back into town got a mcdonalds breakfast and fucked off home to bed!


High rankin was a bloody mess (literally) some nasty tunes though:

Warehouse was rammed at this point:


Ruby wasnt as impressed:

Karl (dont watch the sleeping guy):

She was wielding a chain-saw all night:

Warehouse #2:

Cemtex in control:

Techno Room:

The set up:

Gurnability (Pills are bad):

A comical chain of events occured after the bald guy hoovered the lines:

(no introspective):

Last man standing (well sitting):

I dont condone the use of Class A substances, nor do I take them!


Well.. that was weird.

Last night was the eve of Gullyvers 'Hollerwoon' shindig.. We got there after 11 something, via a very dodgy KFC experience, which left Alex with stomach status - jippy. Saw Kesh on the door, and went downstairs to find only a few patrons... We got a drink under the (correct) assumption that it would get busier.. Some big tracks were dropped, 'Dillagence' was a clear highlight, as well as 'Crosstown Beef'... Anyway, Alex's illness caused him and I to leave at about 1ish.. So I walked with him to Liverpool Street, whilst trying to alert the squadron... Just as we got to our bus-stop, my call was answered by Colin, who said he was on his way to Curtain Road (via a failed expedition in Bank)... So I went back on my jack jones and waited for the arrival of re-inforcements. 'Sally Got A one Track Mind' was gratefully recieved.

Left at, 4:30 ish I think, and headed for the infamous FCKF.. I refrained from eating due to Alex's earlier chicken based fiasco, then attempted to journey back to South on a flurry of night-buses... I got on a bus for Trafalgar Square, fell asleep and woke up in Charing Cross (!!) crossed the thames and looked (successfully) for a suitable bus... Photo oppurtunities aplenty! The following is the night chronicled.

Tree on the Old Kent Road.

Fuck the Colonel.

Grease to spare.


Fape, boot-cut denim & fake jordans are still big in this thing... It was halloween party after-all.. moody LRG 'Dead Serious' hood.. as I think they are called - Nice one, faces censored.





I roll on my own.


Good night stillllllll. More soon.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

More Football, Less Pie!!

Chelsea 6 - 0 Manchester City!

Pretty much a perfect performance... Man City kind of crumbled and didn't give the best account of themselves, but Chels took advantage fantastically.. Drobga, Lampard and Belletti were all untouchable!

Anyway, it's finally happened! On my way into the turnstyles - I was apprehended by a security guard who said he couldn't let me pass with my camera, I asked why, and he said some sort of nonsense concerning my zoom, and selling my pictures... I was redirected to some security office, where I was told I'd have to leave my camera and get a ticket for it... On my way up the stairs, I met a Brazilian Samba band (!!) who had all their drums and air horns conviscated... Had me thinking, what the fuck are Chelsea upto... That would make a great impact on the atmosphere.. Fair enough the atmosphere was decent today (due to the scoreline), but you see my point.

Chelsea have recently started leaving free flags on the seats alot more often - and who ever said football fans were a neglected bunch!?? Ha!


P.S - Plastic People this evening?

Friday, 26 October 2007

More pie related blogging

Lunch time came and I hadn't packed lunch so I thought I'd get a piece of the pie for myself, I coaxed lee into coming with me, even though he was hung over from an all night drinking session last night. I had an Angus beef pie, mash, beans and gravy. Super tasty and a 10% Bullring staff discount made it even better!

Urban Pie - highly recommended!

In all its glory (I provided my own Ribeana)

I retained my recent as I enjoyed my meal thoroughly, Lee obviously didnt...

Is this becoming a blog of food critics?

Around and About - 93 feet East

The start to things was pretty strong ...
Image Hosted by

He wasn't saying much for a change ...
Image Hosted by

The Usual Necessities ...
Image Hosted by

Anyway I reached 93 Feet East bright and early to save my self from the extortionate £10 ticket price and instead was presented with a backstage pass and free beer
Image Hosted by

Bumped into some of the usual candidates who were on their best behaviour fortunately.
However the person who left this ... (most likely a 14 year old groupie who couldn't stomach their first strongbow) should be flogged as it stunk and several people almost fell over in it.
Image Hosted by

The rest speaks for itself ...
Image Hosted by
-Derek playing it nice and cool
Image Hosted by
-Someone has clearly been here before
Image Hosted by
-Deadly Habits
Image Hosted by
-'I think it's past your bed time'

False Advertising.


Just had the ham flavour, and didn't taste any Hocus or Pocus, just ham. Hoping that the Sorcerers Roast Chicken will be less of a dissapointment.. And what's with them cashing in on the Wizard hype, I don't even like Ham or Chicken flavour Hula Hoops, but the thought of a Harry Potter tie in rendered me sold. Hula Hoops also have seasonal shaped crisps which I considered but the flavour names are like.... ah fuck, I got sidetracked... I am just reading Hula Hoop reviews, below I have extracted all the critical points..

"These are one of my all time, favourite potato snacks and I would sit and eat one pack after another if I could. I just can’t get enough of that crunchiness!"

"When you open a packet of these, you see lots of little 3D hoops inside, of a really light golden colour. The hoops remind me of a wedding ring, though a lot smaller in size, too small to fit on an adult’s finger, but you get the picture! They are also not as even in shape and have a rough texture. There is on average, 26 hoops in each pack.
If you smell the hoops, whilst they are still in the bag, there is, to be honest, no smell that says that these are going to be a really tasty snack. They have the usual light potato smell that you get with most unflavoured snacks, but there again they are the original ones."

"The best part of these though is in the eating! You put one in your mouth, bite on it and, CRUNCH! They are so, so crunchy. This is the main reason that I like these so much. Again, there is not much to the taste, nothing that really hits your tastebuds and not very salty either, which I don’t mind as I think that too much salt can spoil a snack, though this wont be to everyones liking.
One bag of these is not very filling, but there again, being a snack, they’re not really meant to be, are they. These are appealing to me, for the crunchiness more than anything else."

In my opinion, he made some valid points.. they are very crunchy, and too much salt CAN spoil a snack - finally someone on a plain.

During posting this, I had the Sorcerers Roast Chicken, and it had the above effect on me.. Long live the Hula Hoop.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

The world of Urban Pie, horrible shoes and my day

Day off work, got up at a nice time of 2:30, chilled for a bit met emma in town, swapped a birthday gift i got wrong for my dad and purchased a bus pass... we wondered round town and wondered into schuh, the womens selection was much better than the mens, we found some monstrosities...

Some mutant cross breed, shoe/trainer/mutant things...

Now check the price:

These were also awful:

We snappend Jordans WYWT for him (not sure about the crocs):

Emma was hungry (I had eaten a chicken tikka sandwich on the way into town) so we found a spot to eat, id never been to Urban Pie so we both ventured into the pastry filled world not knowing what to expect, I had been told of an offer when everything was cheap after 5pm which was true all pies were half price. With a wide selection Emma was stuck for choice and opted for the mushroom and asparagus pie with gravy, (other side orders included mashed potato, peas, baked beans or mushy peas.. i grabbed a sprite and we sat down.

The sign was fairly self explanatory:

The substance:

The remains: