Saturday, 28 February 2009

Deadly Rhythm - Boom Bye Bye.

Brightly lit faces.

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1,2,3 everyone look urban.
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Thug Life
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Been a long time Phoebe, but now, once again you can hate on yourself in one of my photos!

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Little Maws.
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Stack Dounga

Big up Stacks. Kentish 06, Cresent times.

Stack Dounga - Freestyle and Video

Check his myspace HERE

Trinotron/Martelo Mixtape


Download HERE

Pimpin' Curly - Episode 4

Friday, 27 February 2009

14 Bike Co.

New store specialising in track/road bikes and all thing associated. Located in The Truman Brewary, Off Brick Lane.


Nice guys, nice selection.

I'm looking for a new frame so get at me.


Best rapper out and has been for near enough two years now. Catch up.

Check myspace HERE

Any more for any more.

Blacks & P Money part 2.


Thursday, 26 February 2009


Just peeped the Lafayette SS09 lookbook on Hypebeast and I don't know what to make of this brand? All the previous seasons I've seen have just looked liked they changed up a few Surpeme peices.

Spring/Summer 2008


Logo font, Arc Logo hoodies, Tiger Camo, Photo print tees all remeniscent of Surpeme.

Fall/Winter 2008


New Era's, Football Jerseys, Logo Tees and Varsity Jackets once again very Supreme

Now to Spring/Summer 2009



The stlying, clothing and models all very "Supreme-esq"

Now I'm not saying Supreme is the originator of "streetwear" or that these styles and ideas are not widely used by lots of brands across the "streetwear" spectrum. It's just the fact of how obvious Lafayette are being about it. Its clear to all that Supreme uses other brands as inspiration, but at least Supreme look far and wide, and use brands and items that have truely inspired and affected their way of life. It seems like Lafayette have decided to do Supreme for themseleves and it just comes off as a cheap imitation, trying to copy a look that has been tried and tested for a number of years.

On a side note the SS09 Supreme stuff is pretty awful..

And I know this post is gonna' open up a whole can of worms on the Supreme issue, so I expect plenty of comment action!

The Night Times Feb/March 2009

The issues out, check it at your local pub or any of the independant stores around brum. Featuring interviews with drum n bass producer 'Calibre', OVR & Tunng and an interesting feature on "The Rise of Dubstep" by local DJ/Producer Emile.

night times feb front

Touching on something that was brought up here sometime ago, the abundance of plaid, check, tartan, flannel and everything else that seems to be populating the clubs around here.

night time plaid

As usual keeping you upto date with all the latest club reviews, listingns music releases, read it online here (THE NIGHT TIMES FEB/MARCH)


Bigger Than Barry: Ibiza Invasion

Barry looking to take over the white isle this summer..



For booking info hit up & the facebook event

BNTL sighted...

On 'The Curvature', a journal style blog discussing a feminist perspective on politics and culture.

screen shot

Check the feature HERE

Blacks & P Money.

Met with Blacks (MYSPACE HERE) and P Money (MYSPACE HERE) of O.G'z in Sydenham for an on-going project of mine, centred around South London.

Moses accompanied.

Little Dee & Jendor will be done over the course of the next few days to add to this set.

In other grime related news, Butterz were featured on Westwood's 1xtra show on Sunday. Massive look. Download the whole set HERE!!

Tracklisting below;

Joker – 3k Lane
Wiley – Grime Kid
DVA – Keep Up VIP
Royal T – 1Up (Butterz Supersonic VIP)
Loudmouth – Could Neva Diss (Butterz VIP)
Nocturnal – Don’t Phone Me
TC – Wheres My Money (Caspa rmx)
DOK – Royal Flush
Griminal – Cant Be
DVA – Gimp Mask
Numbering – Breathe RMX
G – Dub – Put Em Up RMX
Nocturnal – For You
Ice Kid – Talk Of The Town
Joker – Play Doe
JME – Ju Ju Riddim
Joker – Snake Eater
Joker - Runaway
Sway - Music & I