Thursday, 26 February 2009

Blacks & P Money.

Met with Blacks (MYSPACE HERE) and P Money (MYSPACE HERE) of O.G'z in Sydenham for an on-going project of mine, centred around South London.

Moses accompanied.

Little Dee & Jendor will be done over the course of the next few days to add to this set.

In other grime related news, Butterz were featured on Westwood's 1xtra show on Sunday. Massive look. Download the whole set HERE!!

Tracklisting below;

Joker – 3k Lane
Wiley – Grime Kid
DVA – Keep Up VIP
Royal T – 1Up (Butterz Supersonic VIP)
Loudmouth – Could Neva Diss (Butterz VIP)
Nocturnal – Don’t Phone Me
TC – Wheres My Money (Caspa rmx)
DOK – Royal Flush
Griminal – Cant Be
DVA – Gimp Mask
Numbering – Breathe RMX
G – Dub – Put Em Up RMX
Nocturnal – For You
Ice Kid – Talk Of The Town
Joker – Play Doe
JME – Ju Ju Riddim
Joker – Snake Eater
Joker - Runaway
Sway - Music & I


Elle Bee said...

blue borough

Anonymous said...

p money is the dirtiest brer in the grime scene

The Colour Technician said...

Matty, who uses phone boxes anymore???

Anonymous said...

Pics come out good

bonnie said...

looks like film work. you should defo do some film work. specially all the hues being green and that... its like yve used old film.
fish eye does what it should do in the one under moses.
depths of fields and that is naiice in the top few.
congrats shnicks

Anonymous said...

^^^ air

Anonymous said...

Im not green or hench like the hulk,
But me and you both know that im incredible

Anonymous said...

Correction: Jakes & Joker - 3KLane


Grime music... yawn.

Thank god for UK hip hop.

witalit said...

Grime is running tings!

Matthew Schnickens said...

Yeah really, especially compared to UK hiphop

Anonymous said...

Props on the photos.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Have no time for grime music, bullshit scene full of ya get me get me blessy blessy heads giving it this that and the other about shanking man dem hahaha.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you talk about the genre in a very naive manner my friend!

Not all grime is about that sort of crap you have mentioned.

Try getting hold of some old plasticman or slimzee sets perhaps or for something more recent Sir Spyro b2b Dj Maximum on Rinse fm.
Think it was from last June.

Majority of that show is pure instrumentals. Not fire arm chat and empty threats!

Anonymous said...

beg my pardon it was from last September - download it here.