Saturday, 31 May 2008

Intensive snare

Everyone's gone post crazy!
I heard this tune a while ago and it stood out like a sore thumb so its only right the video deviates from the generic grime estate backdrop.

Butterz Volume 2 Download

Thought I would get stuck in since everyone is posting mixes up today, Ipod is going to get so much love this week!!

We had the Beth Ditto picture on Volume One This time we are going to use Fat Sue as our Butterz Volume Two picture. This is just straight UK music in the mix for your ipod/phone/car/laptop.

This is a perfect example of how Grime/Dubstep/Bassline/Funky can work together.
If you click on most of the labels it links to a place to buy the music from. It would of been pretty cool to use loads of exclusives, but would defeat the object of spreading the music that is currently out there making noise. Enjoy

*Warning the bass towards the end is ALOT*
Wiley- Grime Kid (Grime Wave)
J.Sweet - Mash Up (White)

Terror Danjah Feat Allstars - Morph (Hardrive Volume 1)

DJ Silencer - World War 4 (Underground Unit)

J.Sweet - My Love 2008 (Ice Cream)

Smasher- Back In The Day (Bassline Mix) (Beyond The Booth)

Witty Boy- Attention (Northern Line)
J.Sweet - Unknown (White)

Dave Spoon - Flex Dub (XL)

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex (Niteryders Remix)
Geeneus - I Try (Jelly Jams)

Benga & Coki - Night (Geeneus Remix) (Tempa)
Wiley- If Your Going Out (Grime Wave)

Swift Jay - Toppa 2 (White)

Jammer Feat Skepta & Frisco - Skanking Ting (Are You Dumb 3)

Apple - Segaliser (White)

Ruff Squad- RSMD (No Hats No Hoods)

Rapid - Scrambled Eggs (White)

Skepta Feat Jendor & Killa P - Cricket Bat (Killa Instinct Vol1.)

Terror Danjah - Trojan (Hardrive Vol.2)

Ghetto Feat Chipmunk - Im Ghettz Remix (Freedom of Speech)

Rapid - License (White)
Coki - Gangsta For Life (White)

Benga - Loose Synths (Diary of An Afro Warrior)
Joker - Snake Eater (Soul Motive)

Alternate Link

BNTL Flips out on Myspace.


So, belatedly, we made a team myspace... Go and add it up!!

Add it, top friend it, whatever it takes.

For those Facebook inclined masses, we have created an alternative.. Simply search BNTL on there and join the group.

Rusko Cockney Knees up mix

Recorded from Radio ones "experimental music" show with Mary Anne Hobbs, 30 minute mix of bangers!

If this doesn't have you skanking you're obviously sitting in a wheel chair.

Right click and save as.

Plastician May 2008 mix

It's finally here, no tracklist but i've just given it a quick listen and it is fucking big!

Download is a must, tracklist should be up during the week.;10421771;/fileinfo.html/1/1



This is whats happening tommorow. Live Donkey Kong battle, banana eating contest, BBQ (weather permiting) Good music, liveo vibes and FREE ENTRY. 4pm - 12am get there early and there may even be a few free drinks floating about.

Quiz - Joyride - Walk London.

Last night, I met up with Aaron & Jack in Hoxton.. And headed to Legion for a night that promised to be nothing less than fun and frollicks, a quiz hosted by none other than Peter O'Keefe.. Where we were shortly after joined by the one like Tan.

Lowlights included Peter losing his hippie vibe after 10 minutes of method acting, and reverting to Romford Tony mode.

Highlights included coming last in a quiz equates a free round of drinks these days.

Flip Out Squad, with our pixelated friend.

After, we attended Joyride at East Village - T Rex skank fully represented, thanks to Rusko, Ram Jam Rodigan, Blaise Bellville & Marcus Nasty with an enthusiastic Stormin in tow.

Then onto North Section 16 for 100% bonafide greez. Demonstrated by -


And today, I had to help Aaron on a Care in the community mission, before getting called across to Ladbroke Grove via the Canal system.


Roadside - Walk London.

Sergeant Status.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Plastician - May 31st - May Mix and Music Video Release

It's coming people, we all know what to expect from the Plastic man and judging by the tunes he's got in his Serato folder at the minute this installment of the May mix is going to be absolutely MASSIVE!

Coming with the mix will be info on the release date of his long over due album "Beg to Differ"

Info here: Plastician - May 31st - May Mix and Music Video ReleaseAlso thanks to Brey we have a good two minute almost clear audio of Chase and Status - Indian which has now been confirmed as "Eastern Jam" and will be coming on their forthcoming EP "More than a lot" on Ram records.

Eastern Jam 2 Minute clip


Easy now. My names Tan. Matt has invited me to leave my HOME every now and then and get involved in the magnificent BNTL. I work in promo and garms so i will mostly be posting things relating to those 2 fields, although my interests stretch far and wide so watch out!

Weird Dreams

lately i'v been having these weird dreams for some reason, i talked to a few people about them and they just laugh at me but i did get some useful advice off some one the original burger king hat wearing female g.

so i thought i would put it to you lot . . .

they go like this

dream 1. I was buying four packs of Pok√©mon cards at a place where I was working and I got discount for them and only had to pay £20 (i dont know wjy they came to this price as i was buying the little packets but what ever)
Then I got caught with them by some woman I used to have a thing for she just looked at me in her head i know she was think how old is this dude he needs to get a grip ?.
Some next road side, tracksuit fiend, wasteman came in and then started touching her and I then realized it was her boyfriend !
Pokemon cards in hand I was baffled as to why she was with this guy. So i just styled it out like I never cared and tried my best to start talking to her normally.
Then all of a sudden some next female who used to have a thing for me walks out from no where me not wanting to see her thought fast and JUMPED behind a shelf but I wasn’t quick enough and she saw one of my legs and kicks, embarrassed at trying to avoid and getting caught i once again tried to style it out and just said to her
"nah darling I was just trying to get something from behind the shelf"
Image Hosted by
This was the size of the pokemon cards i bought

Dream 2. don’t take offense to this dream please (any females who read this),
I was there in some corridor out side some singing session (why I don’t know I cant sing to save my life) waiting for some big chest female !
When another white woman walked paste with her mother, brother and little sister the family went off and I started talking to woman who stayed behind,
within 5minutes I was fucking her right outside the class not caring !
but this isn’t the weird thing, the weird thing was the size of her fanny LOL it was HUGE I mean in diameter circumference and all of that. I couldn’t believe It i didn't clock from from the beginning she had some large camel toe. We eventually got caught by the class who including the teacher were horrified. the large chested female was shocked to
But that didn’t bother me I just kept of fucking.
Image Hosted by
Example of camel toe

Dream 3. I was just on a game show trying to win a fish tank, I had to give a soppy reason as to why I wanted the fish whilst sitting on some orange sofa in a bbc studio live on tv, I was up against a bunch of other white people and one of them was Phil Mitchell he looked so mean and scary !
Image Hosted by
he looked exactly like this so angry so mean.

now you cant even say that im going nuts because i been nuts from day . . whats happening to me ?

loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

North Star May 2008 DnB Selection

01 - Pressure Rise - Now That Your Here
02 - Kubiks & Lomax - Find a Way
03 - Lomax & Focus - 5 Weeks
04 - Danny Byrd & Tomahawk - Control Freak
05 - KG - Textures & Sound
06 - CLS - Sun'n'Rain
07 - Kaleb - Forgive Me
08 - Metrik - Into the Future
09 - Contour - Backwards Motion
10 - Contour - Desire
11 - Metrik - Your World
12 - Metrik vs Grace - Not Over Yet (Light Mix)
13 - Krooked & Rob.STP - Feelings
14 - Autumn - Transmute

Profile Page -
Streaming Link -
Direct Download Link -

Bookshelf Business

I thought I might share what is currently on my bookshelf.
Truthfully there's nothing overly profound to show (those ones are stored elsewhere), but more so just a few novels, autobiographies and other such books from birthdays and Christmas presents that have accumulated above my desk over the last few years.

From Left to Right

Eminem Crossing The Line
- Don't go thinking I actually bought this. No, I won it from a competition on the Rodney P and Skitz Hip-Hop show on 1xtra a few years ago along with some G-Unit stickers and inflatable turntable stabilizers. .

Michael Moore Stupid White Men
- The Irish Times described it as "Savagely hilarious."
This book is a must for anyone who is interested in reading a genuine account about the farcicality of our world leaders and in my eyes Michael Moore never fails to deliver.

Benjamin Zephaniah FACE
-This is one of the oldest books on the shelf and with it being aimed at a younger audience it is easy to interpret this novel as slightly naive. However, in reality the main core of it is spot on. Benjamin Zephaniah known perhaps mainly for his poetry does not slack on this occasion. The realisation that in a matter of moments your whole life and appearance could change for the worse makes this book a particularly poignant read.

Andrew Thompson Why skies are Blue and Parrots Talk
-One of those books you might receive on a Birthday from an Uncle or Auntie that at first glance looks like something you will just dash to one side. But in this case it provides some fascinating answers to the questions that you've always wanted to ask. It also provides some ridiculous questions and answers as well.
For example "Why do snooze alarms go off every nine minutes?
Some people believe this is due to the time interval used on the first alarm clock made in 1956 and it has remained the same ever since.

Dylan Jones Mr Jones' Rules
-Written by one of the best magazine editors this book is a vital read for all men who require advice on a range of issues that they may be confronted with. Albeit some of the issues he writes about seem flippant, but these shouldn't shadow some of the other first class guidance

"With all these quizzes and Joyrides going on tonight I might just stick to my ROOTS instead."


Who witnessed the serious storm action last night??


I tried to capture to lightning ^ that's me failing.

Had a business meeting over full english today in Bricky.

Don't let your girl go Green Gate, us man were there.

Red Stipres, Mojitos and Hookahs, all in an afternoons work.


Freelance everything.

Hold tight Moses, get at me.. It's been a while.

Was meant to shoot in Richmond this afternoon, but just ended up getting drunk.. Such is life.

Shout out to Sarianna Valentine, and our rescheduling ways.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Practice hours 2

"Gotta do it for the ladies, but I gotta keep it hood... HEEEYYY!!"

An Interview with Goonism

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am Goonism, and I draw ugly little bastards rocking fresh gear.

2. When and why did “Goonism” begin?

Goonism began when I got bored of painting traditional style b*boy characters, they felt played and I wasn’t getting much fun out of drawing them anymore. A lot of people were like “what you drawing these for? Your other characters are dope” and I suppose they did start off looking fairly crude, but that’s why I liked them and stuck with them, it must have been about 1999-2000 and I was listening to a lot of Necro at the time so I think that’s were the name come from, and it fitted with the look of the characters. I made a load of stickers with slogans like “snapping beaks” and “don’t front” and traded them through the post, people seemed to like them and I stuck with it.

3. Are the characters based on real people or fiction?

There fiction I suppose, but ever since I can remember my characters have always been kind of inspirational, I remember some girl at school saying one time that I was starting to look more and more like my characters. I suppose you take influence from what you like and what you see around you. I don’t even realise I'm doing it.

4. What have you discovered about the graffiti world on the journey?

Graffiti accepts everyone black white rich poor, you can’t make any assumptions about the person that’s made the piece, other than the piece is either sick or shit. And I love it for that.

5. If could change one thing about the current scene, what would it be?

I think toys bombing halls of fame, that drives me mad, don’t go halls of fame to tag, go trackside in town etc, I love bombing it’s the essence of graffiti but it don’t belong in halls of fame. What’s the point in tagging somewhere legal? It makes you look like a puff, and makes the spot look shit.

6. Who are your closest allies?

FYStars (Fresh Young and Stylish) from Leicester, been in that crew since 95 and I love them all like brothers.

7. Who do you see as competition?

No one really, I’ve done a few battles like secret wars n that, but the atmosphere tends to be friendly so. If I had to answer probably Leicester city council, we’ve been at war for years.

8. Who would you say is the best artist in the UK right now and why?

It’s probably quite a predictable choice, but I’ve have to say Aroe, he’s hardcore yet at the same time does some of the nicest characters. He also used to rap in Brighton Hip Hop group First Down who were also sick as.

9. Is it more about quality or quantity? (Less work and a better standard or more work and less quality?)

Id say, quantity doesn’t always mean less quality, in writing I much prefer to see stuff that’s been done quickly, there’s a skill to that. It’s like turntablism all you’ve got to work with is 2 decks a mixer and your records, and the skill is to make more out of those tools, to push them further than what they were intended. If your painting in a hostile environment were you’ve got little time, you’ve got to make the best of that time scale and do your best in that time frame, and for me that’s were the skill in graffiti lies. Id much rather look at some 5 minute backjump than a wall that’s took 2 days to paint. Not that there’s no skill to that, I love to see a fresh wall. I suppose it’s like the difference between a good hard quick dirty fuck, and a long loving romantic one. Both appeal, just in different ways.

10. Canvas or wall?

Wall definitely, I hate doing canvasses they make me feel confined.

11. Pen or Can?

These questions are difficult, if were talking about graffiti then can, unless you mean some dirty horrible stainer for making big ugly drippy tags, then pen. Nah I’ve been drawing on walls a lot with pens recently, ten years ago I would of thought I was toy for it, but these days I don’t see that stuff as graffiti its more like illustration. At least that’s what I tell myself so I try to make some kind of divide.

12. Banksy – love or hate?

I don’t like Banksy at all, almost every time you say to someone that you like graffiti, there like “oh you like Banksy then” or “yea wicked I love Banksy” I’m not that fussed with stencils at all really, but I’m told Banksy has taken a lot of inspiration from a French activist called blek le rat, he’s a lot more interesting I think, so you should look him up.

13. Tell us about your tees..

I did a small run of tee’s a few years back and a lot of people had been asking when I was going to do some more, I had some spare cash so I got a load printed up, there looking fresh, if I do say so myself. only 1 design and 2 colour ways at the moment though but I’m looking to do some more, I’ve got a lot of ideas, and it looks like I’m going to get some help to put them into practice, so keep your eyes locked. You can still pick this first batch up off my MySpace at the moment, But not for long as there selling out fast.

14. Shouts and dedications?

FYS(COST VENKS YOBS RALPH DICE GREN ACEW EASER), TMLSTARS, BNC, BSR, LML, Polarbear, Molesta Gritty Comitee, Pillars Of the Community and anyone else reppin Leggy(Leicester).

Oh and one more thing, I will be drawing live at the Southbank on the 18th and 19th of July alongside my good friend and slam poet Polarbear, it’s a really interesting project, he will be performing an hour long poem, and I will be drawing scenes from the poem live in the foyer, so check booking information will be up soon.

For more and info and to order a tee hit up the Goonism website


Whos rolling with me to this?

Rodigan... Nasty..... Rusko..... £5........ Whos backing it?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

If I Told You No.


Rapid sent me this track and asked me to stick it on the blog, and try and get some reaction on it.. Exclusive download business.

So positive, negative, or middle of the road.. Voice your opinions.

Furthermore, Elijah interviewed him on his website Butterz - go take a look!

Stay tuned.

Bank holiday boredom..

Coupled with DISGUSTING weather equals -


Was also emailed this, it's the PDF version of an article in the arts/fashion based magazine - Canvas (which is published in The United Arab Emirates, and sold worldwide) for which I took 'Society' pictures.. Not overly impressed with the layout or picture selection, but it's a good look regardless..

ONE FINAL THING - Was watching E4 this morning and saw that Zezi (Coconut Twins) is gonna be a presenter on the new look BBLB (Big Brothers Little Brother) - That's a massive look!! Enormous congratulations are in order.

This Weekend.....



...Midlanders Stand up...

Friday sees the second installment of The Candy Store party taking place in Birmingham. If you reached the first for the Trapstar invasion then you know it was pretty hectic...


Then Saturday comes another 'Vinyl is' night in Coventry with a heavyweight line-up. Added to the mix at late notice is Birminghams finest DJ set 'Bigger than Barry', these boys bring some serious fire wherever they play. Alongside the Vinyl is residents and the badderman that is Blaise Bellville the night is set to be a huge.


Go do your bit and enjoy!

Practice hours