Sunday, 30 September 2007

its a small small world

Flicking on the wonderful world of FACEBOOK i get a message from a lovely girl i used to go to school with saying watch us on x factor intrigued i ask her the name of the band shes in on it turns out shes been on GMTV the works allready
small world it is
congratulations leigh and G4 hope you do well

On a seperate note what is with me flopping every event and party lately.... i need to up my game jeesh

Therapy Sessions Birmingham

Dark Drum n Bass heads of Birmingham, this is your calling! Therapy Sessions imfamous in London for exposing nastiest drum n bass on this planet is coming....

...Sick bags and rubber underwear ready, this is gonna be scarey:

oh and some jump up in room 2 for those who non-handle

The Name Of The Game Is LIGHTWORKS.

Sometimes, one does not wish to provide a deconstructive song critique despite having the uncontrollable impulses of a scribe. All one wishes to do is start a fat riot and punch cunts to some big badman beats.

I've waited almost 2 year for someone to buddah finger this Dilla instrumental (one of my favourites on Donuts) and obliterate it to shreds. Saigon did a decent job a little while back on a mixtape recital. But it's time to bring this bitch home, and who better to fulfill the legend than Kweli and The Abstract (a perfectly executed rasp in that iconic nasal flow make this joint exceptionally flammable). Fuck the long talk, "light up the spliffs", put this shit loudly on repeat until you stamp on the head of your pet parakeet (which indicates that you should probably stop now and go to bed).

J-Dilla feat. Talib Kweli & Q-Tip- Lightworking

[copy n' paste the link above into your browser for auto-download]

From this ill forthcoming disc here, Peanut Butter Wolf Presents: B-Ball Zombie War [out Oct. 2nd]:

Oh & biggup the DJ that dropped the Raymond Scott original Lightworks break last night at Plastic People, but should of dropped the Dilla instrumental subsequently cos me n' Shnickle were eagerly waiting starrr...

Agh, those dirty Dilla snares give me Charles Manson tendencies. Lock up your pregnant wives.

Plastic People x The Cool Kids?

The Cool Kids arrived so fashionably late, they still haven't turned up.. but still, it was a decent night.. Took a while to get going, but when I embraced the drunken dancing ethos my night improved considerably.. The majority of the 'usual faces' were in attendance, as was to be expected. The music was on point and it was totally packed by 1ish.

Asantewa + attitude. Ollie (SK) playing the pillar.

Travis Bickle, doing his bit on his night off.

Sian & I.

Phoebe, Ollie, Asantewa & Shan.

Kesh was in attendance.

Sleeper hold x Sex pest face.

Got a call from the fathership around 11ish saying he'd been locked out of the house, and if I had my keys on me.. And then Alex randomly reported that he'd seen my cousin outside of Plastic, and I went to chat to her and she said she'd put the keys in a taxi, homeward bound.. It was a confusing episode, and on my way back in, saw a few fights break out, and almost got hit in the head with a bottle.. that's the way of the real life documentarian though, I guess.

Was a good night indeed.

Pictures from today - UP SOON!


Prior to the football I had arranged to meet up with a friend to oversee the trading of trainers for jumpers.. Charing Cross was the elected point of rendezvous, and in true Edwardian fashion, I got there ridiculously early.. But, all to the good, as I surveyed the area, ate a subway (characteristically) and got some rather terrible pictures of rather obvious London points of interest.. Check them.

Gianfranco Zola the great.

Underwater casing for a camera... I don't get the price, but I'm sure there's a reason why it's so ludicrous!?

This and a grey hoodie were acquired.

Plastic People pictures up next. CHECK BACK!

Chelsea vs Fulham.

It's not much bloody fun being a Chelsea fan at present.. Drogba was sent off for 2 bookable offences, the first of which was arguing with the referee - stupid, the second was for an accidental high-foot, as I saw it! Even so, we had many many chances to score and squandered them all... Drogba looked decent though.. shame.

I've always hated being in the West stand, but can't really complain.

Half-time hot dog, genuinely the best part of the whole Chelsea experience...

Pictures from Charing Cross and Plastic People up shortly, check back.

Saturday, 29 September 2007


Stussy new era
MHI crew neck
Stussy x Josh Cheuse tee
DH19cm grey
Wtaps sk8 hi
Supreme small duffle

Dyno With The Black Mags

For my very first post I thought I would begin with the long awaited video from Chi-Towns new favourites The Cool Kids

Interesting use of black and white going on in this one and perhaps it could have had a little more of a story line ... but as far as the song goes it's big and there are few buttery shoes on display !

Increase the volume and enjoy ...

Friday, 28 September 2007

buying cd's vs downloading . . .

since i had to reboot my laptop as it had millions of billions of viruses . . . losing all my tunes on it has mad me go back to buying cd's for some reason . . .
i love the feeling i kno its nuts but i dont think im gonna illegally download a tune again . . .

but heres what iv bought this week so far . . .

Image Hosted by

(that talib k album is wack dont think il play that ever again)

still got more t buy . . .

things iv lernt this week . . .
central saint martins has no hot black chicks . . . after a week of searching didn't find one on my site . . .
all the hot black females who do some sort of art and design subject . . . all go london college of fashion . . .
gay people are getting brave . . . one yute was fucking wearing a bikini top in my art studio
virgin mega store is the one fr classic hiphop . . . hmv is wack ! ! !
nike tech 90s . . . are one of the most comfortable kicks iv ever bought . . .

Payday, work and purchases

Busy day. Woke up late, still got to work on time, busy pay weekend ahead, my floor took £62,000 today, my department taking £2,500 which is live. Plan is done for the week. But i wanna take £5k tommorow. Large!

Pon my lunch break, my appointment cancelled (wastecadet) I paid for my new ipod (160gb black ipod classic) picking it up for £190 with apple staff discount... cause i got hook ups like that (big up mikey j, hollaaaaa):

my next purchase was a bus pass:

I had the greatest sandwiches for lunch, chicken tikka, lettuce and mayo made by myself at 2am this morning... sorry no picture.

Then after a brief meeting outside the pub i came home for tea. Lasagne, jacket potato, coleslaw and salad with coke zero, it was tastey:

I also paid for a new g-shock which should be on its way to me as we speak:

More pix when i actually get the real things!

Work all weekend and not out tonight. Rubbish, possibly hitting up a house party tomorow night. should be fun.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Back-tracking on todays activities.

Weather was overly crap today! Had to go to Roding Valley to link Jack in order to give him his hundreds crewneck, that he purchased from me at a bargainous price (I hasten to add!). I also had to pick up my Homer SBs that have been stagnating in his bedroom for some time now, they are leaving my possesion on Saturday, at approximately 1:06pm - in exchange for some Supreme goodness..

On the train to Woodford I overheard a TFL employee talking about a co-worker that had commited suicide earlier that day at Snaresbrook.. Apparently the guy was only 36, and walked in front of a train in the early hours of the morning.. I don't know the guys name, but decided to dedicate this to his memory.. R.I.P

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y (They Reminisce Over You)

Got to Jack's, and guess what he was doing! Trying to curb his loutishness with a herbal stick of lemony wonderment, don't worry Mum and Dad - I don't play that!

Hoodie by Fenchurch.. Roding Valley's answer to Del Boy has spares for scores.. so if you like the drop "step into his office!" Also available, ladies coats!!

Jacks granny annex, where the magic truly happens.

Some of Jacks trainers!

We cleverly compiled this picture and called it 'triple tap, the tri-factor!' We are alot.

A gif, skillfully crafted by the hands of Kieran Smith.

Now I am at the west London residence, preparing myself for some broth like beef dish, lovingly assembled by my doting father.

More soon, standardly.

Slammin' Kicks closes its doors..

That's the word, the following was posted by Magdi on the Crooked Tongues forum..

"Starting from the car boot sales, to Major Flavas, to Beak Street, to the current Marlborough Court, Slamminkicks has gone through it all, and now it's time to call it a day! We are being forced out by the landlords, in order to make way for a bigger company.......

We want to thank EVERYONE that knows us, and supported us over the years. We have made some very good friends, and we are going to miss you all. Please make sure you come in to the store to put your name down on our mailing list, as we dont know what the future holds for SK. I personally am quite sad to say goodbye, as there has been so many good memories for me in the store. Good memories, and bad! Its all happened for us. People that hated us, people that loved us. Companies that despised that, others that admired us. We just never cared and "just did it"! You all know which companies im talking about, but screw them! We lasted for almost 5 years and never got help once from the brand that inspired me to open a sneaker store for the community to enjoy! My passion will never die, and to all the original members of the team, some are still here and others have moved on and others have gone bigger and further! Rob and Tom (Estevez brothers), Sunny Kentuky (Legend), Manuella, James, Marvin, N.A.Z., Lee, Ibrahim, Daniel (Baller), Damien S, Howard, Q, Ollie, Phoebe, and of course my brother and mum who have helped me start the whole project in the beginning, I THANK YOU ALL! I could not have done any of what I have acheived without you. To all that have helped in the success of Slammin Kicks, again, I THANK YOU! As my boy DJ Premier would say..... SK WILL LIVE FOREVER BABY...... WE JUST LIKE ROACHES, NEVER DYING, ALWAYS LIVING......... AND ON THAT NOTE.... LETS GET BACK TO THE PROGRAM!!!!

Now we our final date is as soon as we sell everything in the store! We are doing a stupid crazy clearance sale! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!! Come in and bring cash! No Credit cards! Show your support 1 last time! Even if it means just coming in and putting your name and numbers down on the mailing list!

If we dont get to see you before we close, take care and be well.

Magdi Fernandes"

Pay your respects in store, on their myspace or on the Crooked Tongues thread.

The end of an era indeed, and one less spot on the map.. Props to Magdi and Q and the SK extended fam. Stay tuned for their future movements!

More soon.

mmmmm got to get me some of those

Image Hosted by

mmmm maybe i should try some and get some air

"Feeling Black Today" Collection

Here's some of the latest Freshjive t-shirts to drop as part of their Feeling Black Today series. Included in the collection is their Never Say Die, Worldwide Genocide, Enforcer, and Indian Skull tees. Now available at Reserve, and other fine Freshjive distributors.


Today i wake up at 6am to go to uni.
I have breakfast 'on the go' from TESCO. God bless.

Wore my pink and grey dunk Hi's for like the second time as it was SO COLD and i was wearing my pink and grey mambo bag. These can easily double up as boots as they keep your feet so WARM. Got fucking grass stains on the sued tho NOT IMPRESSED.

Walking back through Worcester Town we see a lot of PC objects.

This is the race course - Poor man's Ascot.

My man had on SHORT shorts AND they were all patched up. I was like WTF?! and he had on loafers. I could not get my head around it.

On arrival at my dentist's i find out Ainsley Harriet had his teeth done there too. I was booked in for filling replacements and a teeth whitening. My face was disabled but at least I have a Hollywood smile.


Then i went to my cousins house.
Played a lot of Wii.


Thursday, 27 September 2007


Day off work started with getting up at 2:30pm. Chilled for a while, had some food, went to town purchased some jeans, chilled with some peoples, came home cooked stir fry and chilled some more. Not looking forward to a full weekend of work!

First thing this morning:

Pre Melting:


My Favourite cereal!

My purchase:

Dior Homme 19cm Raw Indigo

More posts, soon come!


Stussy new era
Supreme corduroy baseball jacket
Supreme "Raisin Hell" tee
Syndicate Cabs

New graff.

One of Birminghams most notorious painters, strikes again:

Midas' Myspace Here

Click the pic for full size: