Sunday, 31 May 2009

Secret Wars: Brum vs Southampton

Popped down to Secret Wars last night for Brum vs Southampton, ended up judging and standardly voting for Brum. Though the Brum boards were clearly so much better!




Seeds hosting


Trav filming and clearly making the most of the hot weather


Brum champion Phill Blake


Tools of the trade


Southampton reppin'


Their tools of the trade



Slobs on deckle



Victorious brum

HQ Oxford with D.Bridge & SP:MC

Epic absolutely epic. With fuck all on in Brum on Friday and the temptation of D.Bridge & SP:MC in Oxford the road trip was too much to miss. It didn't seem to take long to get down there at all, out to Cemtex for the Dubstep ranting keeping me entertained.

We arrived @ HQ at around 10.30 and were treated to the delights of a Hip-Hop classic's set from Grande, drawing for some heavy Nas tunes. The Drum n Bass soon proceeded as Azonica stepped up to warm the plates nicely for D.Bridge, going deep and distant the set went down like a sensual backrub, deep soothing bass tune after tune. Manikular on the early doors mic duty



D.Bridge arrived with SP:MC at 12.30 and put on a performance I won't forget in a long time. I don't know what tempo he's producing at these days but he seems to be pushing the borders of Drum n Bass and Dubstep to the limits with such minimal yet powerful production and bass that can only be descibes as hair raising. After getting enough snaps I spent the rest of the set slumped in front of the bassbin in complete awe of the selection.



In summary, well worth the trip down, nice vibes in such a compact venue and the heavyweight system was on point throughout. Hold tight the two car fulls of Brummies road trippin' and the Oxford boy's for putting up with some of the lairy antics. Special shout to Azonica long time reader of BNTL.

Crowd antics..








I think this pretty much summarises the evening

Click below for all the pics:

Out to Inf0r for the transport, don't watch the speedo.. Though I don't understand how we got back so late?!


I'll definitely be looking out for the next HQ flyer!

Saturday, 30 May 2009

By Now You Should Know - Junior Spesh Blog

If you haven't heard about it already and you're a fan of fried chicken and chips then things just got even better for you.


The blog was started last June by Dan Hancox to provide up to the minute reviews of various fast food shops from all around London and even the world in order to give you the tips on what to eat and where to eat.


After a brief period of quietness the blog has had a healthy resurgence with various additions to the writing team and plenty of updates to help you when making that post rave choice of where to get some chicken and chips.


Thanks to and for the pictures.

Diaries at the ready - Rinse Fm's 15th Birthday!


FWD>> + Rinse at matter

A night of Dubstep + Grime + Funky +

Celebrating Rinse FM's 15th Birthday


Skream V Benga / Ms Dynamite / Kode9

Geeneus / Magnetic Man / Caspa

Boy Better Know feat. Skepta, JME, Frisco + Maximum

Crazi Cousinz / Marcus Nasty / N–Type V Youngsta

Zinc / Newham Generals / Katy B / Chef

Spyro V Silencer V Vectra / Circle / Slimzee


WOW, just WOW!

Friday, 29 May 2009

New Slam @ McCluskys Kingston

Last night Slam City Skates teamed up with weekly club night New Slang to present a game of S.K.A.T.E. competition and club night.

From what I saw Neil Smith was going up against Elliot Rees Jones in what I think was the quater finals which definitely kept the crowd entertained round after round.

I think Neil missed out slightly letting Elliot through to the semi's against Vaughan Baker.

Sadly due to the shocking connections from Kingston back to Croydon at night I had to leave for the last train and therefore missed out on the antics. That aside I think the different approach to the weekly club night worked really well and I think it's something that will continue for a while longer.

Few flicks from the event, can't say they are anything to write home about.


Useful Links :

Slam City Skates Website

Banquet Records Website


Tomorrow at Cargo, Maluca's debut performance in london.

Picture 2

Reach like a baby does for his mother's boobie.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Supreme X Malcolm Mclaren

The new Supreme colabo with Malcolm Mclaren should drop this Saturday
down at Dover Street Market. Drop includes T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, original artwork by Keith Haring and the Vans V-79s in three colourways.
the vans look like they could be a decent summer shoe.


Sure to be a quick sell out, so be early.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Work It vs Living Proof

Last week Sunday saw two of londons most popular club nights go head to head
Living Proof vs Work It down at cargo.
Had high expectations for the night and boy were they met.
Both camps had 15mins each going back and forth to satisfy the crowds ears and feet.
Ladies were looking fiiiine, good vibes was over flowing and smiley faces everywhere.

Only bad thing of the night was the door men going on a bit bookie with the line, which might as well have stretched to Somalia it was that fucking long.
Hopefully theirs a number two at some point down the line, for the people that were just mugged off waiting in the line.

pictures courtesy of the camera man on the night . . .







Holdtight the Living Proof Dj's and our very own lady of the manor "TT" and the rest of the work it team. Oooo and holdtight extended family members getting a bit to happy with the liquor.

Rest of the photos can be seen via the Work It blog which is (here).

One last thing Living Proof this Saturday 30th at Market Place

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

lele [SPEAKS] - Volcano

The Sick Kids are doing it again.
Check out lele's latest creation below.

'Fun, random and weird as always!'

Her YOUTUBE Channel is HERE

And the Sick Sisters blog is HERE

Platform launch party



Thursday, 28 May 2009

Guest Apperance

BNTL was given a brief cameo in Hervé's new single, 'Baseball Bat', featuring Marina Gasolina (ex Bonde do Rolê).
Unbeknown to anyone in BNTL, someone has obviously started writing (meant in its most literal sense) it around...
Herve with an unexpected but appreciated change of direction in this.

Baseball Bat - Herve feat. Marina Gasolina from Hervé on Vimeo.

Shameless Plug - Vultures

For the Hardcore peeps...
My band just came out with a 3 track demo, south florida straight edge hardcore 2009.
tell your boys from dirty money to come down to the south.

Download Here

thanks for listening, we'll be recording more tracks in a month if anybody cares.

James Dean - 'The horseback villain'

New exclusive mixes from BNTL residents 'James Dean'. Once again hitting you with nothing but the bassy flavours.
Download the mix HERE

1. Together Breakage Ft. David Rodigan
2. Trust Nobody SP:MC
3. Siren Seven
4. Cybermen Magnetic Man Ft. Artwork, Benga & Skream
5. The Shinein Skream
6. Guilty Kosheen (Plastician Remix)
7. Nightvision Distance (Skream’s ‘So Nasty’ Version)
8. Electro Scratch Benga
9. M.U.G.E.N Luke Envoy
10. Pan Pipes Benny Page & Zero G
11. The End Chasing Shadows
12. Violate Cyrus & Distance
13. Rock The Bells Jakes
14. Victim Support Distance
15. Saxon Chase & Status
16. Drop The Waste Headhunter
17. Jinglist Sukh Knight

Supreme x Budweiser

Quite an extensive colaboration from the two brands.
Respect to the man who buys an all-over print bucket hat and button-up to match.

Supreme - Bud

Taken from Hypebeast

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Mind - 'Your Time' Dubstep Mix

'Your Time' with Mind & Mike Redemption.

Archived mix (21st may 09) from 'Your Time' radio show with Mind & Special
guest Red Volume Records label boss Mike Redemption


1. Wachs Lyrical - Dynasty (DUBplate)
2. Phaeleh - Cheki (DUB, forthcoming Formant Records)
3. Kromestar - Go Away (Dubstar Records)
4. Vaccine - Atrium [Phaeleh Remix] (DUB, forthcoming Surface Tension)
5. Spherix - Rule of Three (DUB, Forthcoming 3.5 Records)
6. Mind - Boundless Art (DUB, Forthcoming Eight:FX)
7. Kromestar - Medievil Warrior (Dubstar Records)
8. Kiture - Jerkwad (DUBplate)
9. Tryptamine - Killing Time (DUBplate)
10. Mind - Cocktails & Coke!! (DUB, Forthcoming Eight:FX)
11. Kiture - Airborne Synths (DUBplate)
12. Kito - L.F.O. (DUB, Forthcoming Disfigured Dubs)
13. Fluid - Incognito (DUBplate)
14. Fused Forces - City Skylines (DUBplate)
15. Truth - Terror Planet (DUB, Forthcoming Aquatic Lab)
16. Fluid - Fantasy (DUBplate)
17. DJ Madd - Numbers [VIP] (DUBplate)
18. Tes La Rok - Murvin Special (DUBplate)
19. Phaeleh - Lounge (DUB, forthcoming Surface Tension)
20. L-Wiz - Pray Room (Red Volume Records)
21. Noah D and Roommate - The Bassman (S.C.U.M Records)
22. Benga - E-Trips (Tempa Records)
23. Kid Cudi - Day n Night [Widdler Remix] (MP3 download)
24. Subscape - Low Height (Subway Records)
25. Twisted and Redemption - Il Dire (Red Volume)
26. Fused Forces - What's Going Down (Substance Abuse)

>> Mike Redemption in the Mix for Red Volume Records

1. JSL - E500 AMG (DUB, Forthcoming Redvolume Records)
2. 501 - Bring The Styles Back (DUB, Forthcoming Subway Records)
3. The Faun - Game Of 3 Halfs (Redvolume Records)
4. Max Peezay - Jag Vet Vad Som E Fel (Devrim)
5. L-Wiz - First Step (Redvolume Records)
6. JSL - Evolution II (Forthcoming Redvolume Records)
7. Twisted - Just Look (Redvolume Records)
8. Moderat - Nr 22 (Bpitch Control)
9. Armand Van Helden - Illin' It Fillin' It (Starkey Remix) (Southern Fried)
10. M83 - We Own The Sky (L-Wiz Remix) (Unreleased)








Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Ghetto Edit

Just grabbed this video from Farhad. Its the 'ghetto edit' of the promo for 'This Time Tomorrow', a sick skate film being released end of the summer. The boys Lucian, Eugene and Steph all feature heavily in this, filmed by Philly based artist Zach...

And this is the promo for 'This Time Tomorrow', filmed in London, Boston, New York and Philly. Lucien Clarke, Steph Morgan and Rory Millanese have had two trips out to the US filming and I'm looking forward to seeing all their hard work paid off. London skating fully repped...

Maestro Knows / UNDFTD LV

Big up Rod and all the Las Vegas UNDFTD / Stussy Family!
Another installment of Maestro's antics.

Maestro Knows - Episode 10 (Las Vegas) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Meeting Of Styles - London - June 6th


Useful Links:

Facebook Event Page - HERE

Blog For Event - HERE

Tickets For Event - HERE

Mz Bratt - "Who do you think you are?" - Official Music Video

You will most certainly have seen Matt's pictures from Mz Bratt's video shoot on here a little while ago. Now the official video is finished and here it is ...


Quickly jumped into this one..
New Vitamin Water advert.