Friday, 29 October 2010

Monday night at Fenchurch

A little bit of what went down on Monday night at the Fenchurch store. Looks like I missed a good one.

Fuck Yeah Menswear

Tough to find an original blog these days. This one cropped up last week and has been killing me since. Whoever is behind it then you're a genius. Similar to the 'I am Fashion, watch me roar' blog I featured a while ago.

Simple idea: Take any picture you find around the interweb and add your own caption.


Betwixt cobblestone alleyways and corner bistros is where you’ll find me.

Manning the fresh cave.

The fortress of steezhood.

The league of extraordinary bloggers.

Who curates the curators?

Storefront looking all nondescript and shit.

Walk in wearing dad jeans and Foot Locker New Ballys.

Walk out wearing selvedge overalls and Japanese New Ballys.

Turning lames into sart superheros like it was my fucking day job.

This is my fucking day job.

Hot in the streets like J. Crew.

But with less collaborations.

Out of your size?

My bad, yo.

We don’t stock anything.

Besides vintage stools and negative space.

You want some white paint?

Benjamin Moore for Engineered Garments.

I can sell you an aesthetic.

Redeem for $150 dollars worth of SuFu cred at a later date.

Looking epic is half the fucking battle.

What, you were expecting the Liquor Store?

Looking all TGI Friday’s with a bunch of shit on the walls?

Fuck outta here, son.

At least pretend you want to get next level.

Charging wack bloggers to snap pics of the shop.

Please check your Goog analytics at the door.

Along with that 2006 point and shoot.

That shit is old as fuck, homie.

Money on my mind.

Danner moonboots on my feet.

Inspiration aint free, bro.

This is the sound of silence.

This is the sound of a Daiki cosign.

This is the sound of my wallet on swoll.

Read all the rest HERE.

Boiler Room - Oneman x Jess Ware

If you haven't reached any of the Boiler Rooms yet then thats a problem. Nothing but vibes. I remember sitting pretty at the first one and now its seeing the largest of numbers and names in a bigger venue.

This week saw BNTL extended family member Oneman and homegirl Jessie Ware tare down with the Standard Place crew.

Check the clip for Jessie Ware & SBTRKT's - 'Nervous' EP out Monday November 1st on Numbers.

Buy it HERE.

Channel 4 branding 2010

Channel 4 Branding 2010 from ruddstudio on Vimeo.

"Ha' slicker than your average" - B.I.G

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Footpatrol - drops

K-Swiss x Undefeated Deuce Sneaker
Introducing the K-Swiss x UNDEFEATED ‘Deuce’ Based on a traditional tennis plimsole, this understated piece of footwear is a brilliant piece of design. At first glance it would be easy for this shoe to go unnoticed, but on closer inspection the attention to detail is flawless. Design details include silver eyelets at the top of each stripe, coarse gum toe-box and most noticeably a lack of UNDEFEATED branding on the outside of the shoe.

Available in 5 colours to see them just (click)

Nike Grey Perf Pack QS
Nike continue to draw out the monotone packs for this coming season. Next up is the third installment of the “Perf” Pack series (previous packs were White Perf and Black Perf).

The Nike “Grey Perf” Pack includes three models: the Air Force 1 07′, the Dunk Hi AC and the Toki ND. Each silhouette is constructed of Medium Grey perforated leather and contains monochromatic attributes such as the laces, midsole,and inner lining branding.
note the the mid sole and outter sole on that af1 nice touch if you ask me. for more images just (click)

both packs are available from today 10am, over at Footpatrol - (CLICK)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Plastic Bones have just released their long-awaited collaboration tee with west london writer/myth/legend - Touch. Get yours HERE.

Check out the video there for a little insight into Touch and on the product itself.

All tees come in boxes signed/customised by Touch.

touch 178
touch 130-1
touch 127


Veja Indigenos - Lookbook video‏

The good folks over at Veja drop there latest look book (for the Indigenos shoe) in the form of this online video.

The look book features characters coming from some of the best independent stores in Europe.
Such as oi polloi, prive joke, The Three Threads, Diverse Men and a few more.
They all met at the Veja studio in Paris last June. We wanted the Indigenos lookbook to be a tribute to their work and vision. Representing the essence of the Indigenos style.

Veja — LOOKBOOK INDIGENOS from Veja on Vimeo.

France Hankart - Prive Joke - Bruxels
Sebastian Beesley & Patrick Little - Oi Polloi - Manchester
Picture 1
Picture 3
For more info on veja just (click)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

The Unilever Series: Ai Weiwei

Currently at the Tate Mordern

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Tune Of The Day

Nothing But Us, Taken off ski beats' 24 Hour Karate school

holdtight the person that said,
"This song should be played at the end of the world..."

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The best flyer ever?????

Nike - Lebron James

I really love this latest commercial from Nike with Labron James. It feels like an answer back to the press. I'm not sure what the relationship is like between the press and sports stars in the US but here in the UK its simply 'make them and break them'.

We are constantly fed false hope that we will win this and win that, we apply unmeasurable amount of pressure on our so called stars that it ends up crippling them. And when they don't perform and bring back the gold we are quick to jump on their backs.

It also annoys me when we expect all these stars to be role models...nah let them do what they do and make their mistakes like the rest of us. Who are we to judge.

If you're a fan or supporter sit down and support...I dont care for your analysis I only care for the entertainment. And if you write for the sports pages of The Sun or any other fictional newspaper then find a cliff and keep walking...


The video isn't the best production from Nike but the message is huge.

Kr3w Launch at Wholesome


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Urban Industry - AW/10 Lookbook

Nice work from that man Hammett. Some really strong shots in this offering indeed...









Steven Klein

Steven Klein behind the lens for D&G and Mondanna's most recent images for there on going collaboration.
Images, concept and overall feel of the whole shoot is just to slick.








Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Ben Eine Paints Pro Pro Pro on the side of Mother London

The Halloween Carnival

From the people that brought you the UNOFFICIAL NIKEiD parties, 6FIFTYNINE presents the Halloween Carnival in the dark depths of the East.

Those of you that came to an UNOFFICIAL NIKEiD party know what to expect... We go in deep. This time we've teamed up with WeAreHQ and InFormed London, taking London's two best party makers, DJ Khalil (Livin' Proof) and Chris P Cuts (Doctors Orders) and letting them off the leash to dig deep in the box and get they're trick or treat on!

Halloween carnival2
There will be a variety of circus performers displaying acts of spectacular feats.
Line Up:

Chris P Cuts
DJ Khalil
The Magdi
The doDOH
+ A Parisian Guest

Will be hosted by InFormed London. For the past year, the team has been keeping you up to speed with the freshest events around town! Now it's time for them to give you a taste of what they are all about... The guys have stuffed their bags of sweets with plenty of good times... So bring your best mood and dancing feet!

Line Up:

Cal Jader (
Get Some (Ouzo & J Money)
Theodore Wright (Sweden)
Aimee & Holly
SSG (InFormed DJ)

Friday 29th October 2010

Venue... A well known secret

How much?
£5 on the door (proceeds going to Fairbridge)

Here's the Facebook Event Page just (click)
As the venue won't be announced till closer to the date, keep eyes on

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Woolrich Woolen Mills Woodsman Shirt

I am often tempted by the idea of an over-shirt, but often I find the idea slightly too hard to fathom. I think this winter it may have to be something I commit to. Perfect with a 60/40 parka sitting on top on a cold, wet day, this Woolrich Woolen Mills woolen woodsman shirt would certainly fit the mould of what I expect on over-shirt to do for me. It is navy herringbone wool, which I have taken a particular likening to in recent weeks, and would suffice in the most arctic of weather which can be felt on this little isle. To appease heritage purists it is made in U.S.A and it is also fairly modestly priced, considering it is a piece of outerwear.

WWM Woodsman Shirt, $216 Available at Context

RIP Gregory Isaacs

Up the UK

Thaimatic - Northwest Confidential

Check out the latest installment from Thai Matic entitled 'Northwest Confidential,' from the album 'Let Me Land.'

Out to Dexter Navy on the direction and The Whorington on promotion.

misterlego's Item Of Last Week.

In normal circumstances the blog title would be "item of the week" but sh*t happens.

ok so my item of last week is Alan Moore's Unearthing
. This audio book was released a few months back but I was presented a copy by a very generous friend the other week.

Unearthing unites legendary comic book writer Alan Moore, award-winning photographer Mitch Jenkins and a cast of high-caliber musicians. A bewitching story written and narrated by Moore set against an epic score from musicians including Adam Drukker & Andy Broder (aka. Crook&Flail) Mike Patton, Stuart Braithwaite, Zach Hill and Justin Broadrick.
(A box set which pulls out to become a image book, consisting of 3 cds, a vinyl & a man script)

Alan Moore is best known for his groundbreaking graphic novels The Watchmen, V For Vendetta, From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. These, along with work for 2000 AD and DC Comics, have established him as one of the most influential and important writers in the history of comics.
peep the video below for a bit of the book.

for further information on Alan Moore just (click)
Mitch Jenkins just (click)
or to pick up a copy of the audio book just (click)

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Who’s coat is that jacket you’re wearing?

After 10 years of stealing coats from London pubs, artist Mike Ballard seeks redemption by relinquishing his collection back to the public. In his latest exhibition, Ballard will display hundreds of hijacked coats for visitors to claim back, as a part of a self-imposed therapeutic process.

Following his move from a small village in North Wales to London in 1998, Ballards favorite 55DSL coat was stolen from a crowded pub. It was a loss the artist found hard to deal with. Inconsolable, Ballard began nicking coats in earnest, believing he was retaliating against the city that had swallowed his most prized possession.

Frequenting local pubs and clubs, Ballards revenge tactic was initially focused on stealing coats resembling that which hed lost but soon grew to encompass any mens coat or jacket regardless of size, style or make.
(continue reading)

I headed over to Euston on Saturday to catch the end of this show, great installation and pretty ballsy 'art' piece.





Went back again. Hold tight everyone that was there.