Wednesday, 30 January 2008

I Can't Possibly Think...

..Of a reason why you would STILL be sleeping on Award Tour...

So, I'm assuming you've all checked the new look book right, it's serious isn't it? I told you it would be, didn't I?

Really really, I've been saying Award Tour is going to be ENORMOUS in not many seasons time, and it really is your best oppurtunity to back a rising star, you may not choose to do this.. but then I may choose to call you a fool!

I checked Webster (not Urban Dictionary) and under the definition of swagger.. this is actually what I saw...

If you're self sufficient.. you'll have noticed the big 'Award Tour' link on the side of this page, and hopefully be prompted by this friendly discalimer to go and check it out.. And by the start of next week you'll be able to pick up the goods you see in this LookBook.. My generosity knows no bounds.

Support the cause!!

Time Waits for No One, Handle your Biz

Dotting about central London today on my way to uni, with my little work journal in my hand stabbing out wacky ideas from my brain onto paper, like OJ Simpsons kitchen knife at a white girls party

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Ihat southern fried chicken burger was my dinner about 3 months ago and its been there ever since hold tight Iceland you do a lot for my dinners as well as my mother.

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Ideas of a special exhibition I intend to hold, designed for people who love producing art work on any medium (between the age of 18 to 24) that will never at this stage of there academic career (or career full stop) get the chance to show case it any where outside the group of there friends or lecturers giving them the oppurtunity to project onto a wider audience.
(Sure we got Myspace and Facebook, but face it.. too much rubbish and not enough quality on these sites)

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I'm thinking about that chicken burger..

So if your between 18 - 24 whether you paint, photograph, draw, do graphic design etc and wish to be in this exhibition, get at me.. as I wouldn’t mind to give you space at the exhibition to show your talent, I feel there is a large amount of quality work out there which deserves to have its own platform for it to be shown to a bigger audience.

The whereabouts of the event has not been finalised as of yet, but areas in consideration at the mo are Old Street, some rather large studios down Hackney &and a couple of studios down brick lane

(if you have any other suggestion or any where of a decent size for free, please let me know).

I still have a lot of planning to do on this project and I intend to put in 150% of my effort to make it come to pass. (posters will soon be going up around the university of the arts by next week)

So allah at the kid on - myspace or email me a message, or just send me some of your work or even if you slyly want to sponsor the event get at me (no I don’t use MSN Messenger ever)

I don’t have facebook myself so get at my partner in crime on this project on her Facebook . .


or her Myspace . .

If you’ve never been involved in a exhibition I suggest you think about trying to jump on this.

I’m only doing this out of my personal love for art and design and the fact so many people produce some shower face monga pieces but all it does is sit in sketch bookS, portfolios or in their homes. There’s not a better feeling besides some one Od'ing over a piece of your work you’ve put valuable time and thought into. (actually I can think of a few better - oi, oi, wink, wink)

But todays hold tight goes to,

Matt for slyly giving me the idea. (well his idea was for a BNTL exhibition but I don’t know whats happening with that)

Hold tight also to these fake bags, shocking as some would say (get a grip)(get loose)
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Hold tight my uni class for the great exhibition yesterday straight fire! Sly inspiration for the project/exhibiton..

And hold tight Jermain Defoe naked hand stands and GG bras, I never even heard of that breast size
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Less pictures, more words..

Shutup and take notes..


Like Mike

Following the recent pics of the jordan 6 which will be coming out with the 17 (make of it what you will,i'm just the messenger) here is the career run down.

Jordan was wearing the Jordan 6 when he was awarded the only thing missing from his awards cabinet (and a hefty cabinet it is). Winning the NBA championships against the LA Lakers

(p.s. the video is poor quality and the soundtrack makes you want to slowly pull out you hair follicle by follicle till you have a britney spears-esque shape up...enjoy)

The 17 Jordan joined the Washington Wizards as President of Basketball Operations and selected Kwame Brown in the NBA Draft. (the end of "His royal airness" i hear you say?)

On September 25th 2001 he resigned his position and instead signed a player contract, and continued to merk the scene for two more seasons with the turn away fade away


Monday, 28 January 2008


Crazy road-side dudes who get - seasons, years and dates mixed up.. this dude was still living back in the summer of the year 2000. I really couldn't beleive what he was wearing..

My man really thought it was summer time, all he needed was a dog and a push-bike to complete the look..
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Clima Fit (KILLER! I 'aint seen one of these for agggeees)
No Sleeved Hoodie
3/4 lengths
Some high 3-lion England socks with...
FAKE Am95s (real know real)

Now I 'aint one to insult another's clothing but fuck, its January 28th and even I was cold in a chunky woolly cardigan and a jumper! If you're dressed like that.. shame on you! I blame the schools personally..

Hold tight to my boy Mister Cee the edible wall paper was officiall showerface monga movements watch out for it on a wall near you..

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SHIT SHIT SHIT news FLASH I nearly forgot to mention..
McDonalds are now giving out A levels! thats the biggest crock of shit I've come accross so far this year!!
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Cov x Chockablock x 333

Fri me and Ol' Greg were meant to go chockablock and talk with Joseph about a possible club night link up. The Tomb Crew offered us sofa space for the night so props to them.

The Egg club played host to Chockablock...props to Med Damon for the guestlist.

As we take position next to the dancefloor, i can feel something is CHECK, money CHECK, camera MISSING.
Ended up being back at Nicks aplogies to everyone for the lack of pics.

Chockablock ended and my conclusion was BIG. Highlights were Spiro, Chef and N-Type back to back, Tomb Crew and Tempz.

BNTL is defo a household name....firstly proved my a girl called Paige.

Paige: Have you got a blog
Ollie: Yep
Paige: BNTL?
Ollie: Yep
Paige: Wicked blog...i know matt

Also hold tight accrobeau as well.

Missions back to New Cross Gate was 'fun'.

Sat and heading back to Cov was the intention, shoppin was the other option...Cov didnt stand a chance!

Word to Patrick at Glorias for the £30 Half Cabs.

This Biker crew came through with the perfection selection of prime colours...


Its all about the Tuna Salad...


Mememe gave us an invite to watch them at 333 sat night....i had no energy but when i saw who was holding it down in the basement....Benga, i was all over it like a wet towel....

Camera in hand and trying to make up for its absent last night...


Rolled deep with Jenn, Ol' Greg, Claire and Dansky....



Crowd shots....






Screw face scankin...



The man himself. BENGA...


His choice of footwear???....


His MC...


Word has it Bassline hasnt blown up in london yet, but on friday and saturday i heard some big Bassline sets and watched the crowd go insane to it. This lad had to follow on from Benga and he again came with the Bassline....(Big shout to Nottz the home of Bassline)


On the whole London was everything and more. Back again next w'end to skate Southbank before it dissapears.

Custom Ruined Garms..

..To start things off, the whole customising clothes thing is a bit naff.. And painting your trainers has only ever been a 'brilliant idea' in theory.. I like the way Puma have caught on, with their fully customisable trainers.. you must have seen this, the Mongolian Shoe BBQ thing.. where you select the exact fabrics and colours you want and scan them in to a machine and preview.. etc etc etc..
It looks interesting, but I'm yet to see anyone rocking the finished product.. as for NikeID it's a good level, but you have to consider giving people freedom to choose has created some truly vomit enducing colourways.. but then again, freedom to choose rather renders the second half of the previous sentence obsolete.. people pick what they like.

Anyway, this pre-ramble serves as an introduction to my own infantile dabbling into clothing customisation...

Those who own the hundreds ink denim that released.. some time last year.. will know the fit is rather good, I'm not contesting that, but it's the neon squiggle that upsets me, esepcially as mine has got some sort of weird bobbles.. so I thought, removing this would be easy, so I set about my task with a fork - and needless to say, it was a disaster (THUS FAR!).

Clothing customiser, I am not.. I haven't given up hope, as this morning I decided using fingernail scissors would make the job alot easier, and my progress since then has been more fluid... Either way, I think this will be a one off and I'll just stick to taking affectionate pictures of my cat..