Monday, 31 March 2008

Interview with John Brotherhood of Size? Birmingham

Who are you and what do you do?

John Brotherhood, manager - size? Birmingham


How did you develop such an interest in sneakers?

I've been interested in sneakers for a while, trying to get hold of pairs which no one else has or which are hard to find, and working in size? Has fuelled my enthusiasm for it.

What was your first pair?

The first pair which really got me into collecting were 'Nike Pocket Knife' which I managed to hunt down in New York in 2001, they'd sold out of my size, but I had to have them so I got a size? Too small and still worn them into the ground. I've since managed to acquire a fresh pair in the correct size!

What are your three favourite pairs and why?

It’s difficult as there are so many!

1. My favourite pair would have to be my 'Air Max 1(87) URAWA DRAGONS - J League', super limited


2. 'Stussy Blazers' one of the holy grail in sneaker terms.


3. 'Vans Authentic' classic shoe comfy too


but there are so many more, Huarache, Footscape, Clyde, Forest Hills, Pegasus, Structure, 180, Vortex, Vengeance, Max Light, Dunk, Era.... the list goes on

What do you feel is the most famous sneaker of all time and why?

It has to be the Jordan 1, simply because of the amount of money and development which has gone in to the Jordan range since its original release. The Jordan brand is a religion for some!

Name some up & coming brands and why you’re feeling them?

I'd say pointer are a pretty good brand at the minute, British too which can't be a bad thing. I like the way they do things, they're diverse and creative with their products. Clae are another interesting brand fusing sneakers and formal footwear together with some impressive results.

The sneaker scene seems to have expanded greatly over the past few years, what factors do your think have contributed to this?

I think the main factor is hype, people want what they can't get. Getting hold of that ultra limited shoe is the ultimate goal.

Even with the current situation on the high street, are people still spending money on sneakers? If yes do you think there are any particular reasons for this?

Yes, it’s bigger than ever! The sheer number of new sneakers being produced a present is phenomenal, the brands keep churning them out, people keep buying them. I think because there is such a huge variety of styles available these days it gives people greater choice and allows individuality.

What is good about the current sneaker scene?

Even with the huge abundance of brands, styles, & colours, we're still treated to the occasionally quality & rare one off release, and I think brands are being forced to delve deeper into their sample cupboards & back catalogues to see which illusive model can be rereleased.

What about girls and sneakers? Is there a market?

It's certainly not as big as the men’s market but there is a market there, however the brands don't seem to have got it quite right just yet. Most women don't want pink sneakers, they want men’s styles in small sizes and the brands don't seem to cater for this.

What do you feel Size? Has to offer customers that other stores don’t?

Quote - "put simply they are the most complete sneaker store in the world. I know it is high praise but I can't think of a single store that comes close to matching the impressive breadth of their product mix. They have more styles, more colours, more choice, more, more, more, more of everything!" Sneaker Freaker 05, I think that just about sums us up, and since then we've gone from strength to strength.

What does Size? Have coming in that we can look forward too?

That would be telling... you can look forward to more exclusives, more collaborations and lots, lots more sneakers!

You have designed sneakers for New Balance, what were they and how did that come about?

Yes, over the last few years size? And new balance have collaborated together to produce some exclusive colour variations of the new balance 577's, with some interesting results! I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the last couple of releases. The first was part of a pack of 6, some more limited than others, most of which sold out within a couple of hours. The second and more recent, we're a couple of 577's inspired by Size? Birmingham itself, well almost... the inspiration came from the colourful Fruit Machines and characters which used to adorn the walls of the famous temple bar which once stood where size? Is today

Do you have any plans for the future to design more sneakers?

I'd love to continue working on collaborations whatever they this space

Any shouts or dedications?

Yeah, Blap! Blap! (Inside joke) to all of Size? Crew Brum! old and new... you know who you are, obviously to the brands, where would we be without them, Sneaker Freaker - the sneaker collectors bible!, and anyone else who knows me.

Some of John's current favourites in store now:




Sunday, 30 March 2008

LDN Business

Arrived home at around 5pm. Big weekend!

Shouts to everyone I encountered!

Not many words are needed but here are some highlights and lowlights...
  • Pizza hut, Greg came with bare riddum and insulted his friends on the phone, I came with foul language and Matt came with a smaller pizza and a half full bottomless Pepsi.
  • Footpatrol were cunts. You can have your 'private party' (We wont mention Jacks attempt to gain entrance)
  • Aaron's hall of residence with big boy selection from his CD rack.
  • Bar 3001 was it? and the drugged up guy wearing braces doing some twist foot skanking to the never ending minimal.
  • Aaron's playtime in the park that ended in tears..
  • The bouncer trying to fully unzip my half zip jacket
  • The brief Dubstep set.
  • Ollie's "lens error"
  • The 3000 MC's on stage.
  • The bagel place (one day we shall buy 15 dozen)
  • The Tomb Crew sofa.
  • The Tomb Crew shower head spraying freezing cold water in my face because it has a mind of it's own.
  • The fact my return ticket wasn't stamped so I now have a free return ticket from London that's valid until the end of the month.
Here are some pictures from last night:













And the trip home, slightly delayed by a stop at Leamington:




Roll on the next BNTL allstars weekend!!

and lets all wait for the MTV email......


BNTL Staff Gathering/Dirty Canvas. Saturday

This night was tipped to be huge.

Most of the BNTL crew were in attendance those who couldnt make it were missed. BNTL affiliates were also blessing the event.

Some pictures from myself. Not many snaps from the much skanking and sitting down prevented this. They may have made the right decision as my lense is now BUSSSS UP!!!

Could this be the man, the myth, comedy/junk food legend....Misterlego?







It was good seeing the extended family.......we form like Voltron.

Whats this i hear.......BNTL x MTV soon come!

Big move after big move!


Oh wait. Yeh Dirty Canves was HYPE, my first real grime event. Some big bars but the lets-see-how-many-ppl-we-can-get-on-the-stage game got boring. Highlights were Ghetto, Griminal and Jammer getting slewed!

Night Slugs @ Redstar Camberwell. Friday!

Ok so the potentially huge weekend has finally arrived.

Firstly it was time for Alex (Bok Bok/Faggatronix) to launch his new club night onto the world. Massive line up full of familiar faces. And to top the line up the night was FREE!



Prancehall: He killed his set...HUGE!


Oneman: My new favourite DJ...technically gifted!


Tombcrew: Always deliver!


Manara (Faggatronix): Short but big set!


DJ Venom: Next guest DJ at Vinyl is...19th April.


L-Vis: A set full of his own beats. Big!








Kate Moross says shes never been on the blog, I told her she was featured a few weeks ago.
Anyway the girls got skills so go cop her tees...available in Topshop.





The afterparty was saying a lot...




Iv got a good idea lets get 10 people in a corridor for breakfast....never laughed so much tho..


In conclusion Alex smashed it and the night was a success. Im definately reaching his next night!

Stanza - March Dancefloor Mix

The tracklist for this mix is SERIOUS if you're going to download just one mix from here make it this!

Die & Clipz – Monorail – Full Cycle
Clipz – Offline – Audio Zoo
Cyantific – Disconnected - Hospital
D Kay – Dubplate - Bingo
>> Mampi Swift – The One - Charge
Capone – Going In - Test
Logistics – Glitch - Hospital
Xample – Infamous - Ram
Modified Motion & Faction – Magic Man – Dynamic Audio
Bungle – Where I Am – Liq-weed Ganja
Breakbeat Era – Our Disease Tera – XL/Full Cycle
Eddie K – Stinkbox - Stereotype
Calibre & High Contrast – Mr Majestic - Signature
Friction & Nu Balance – Robocop – Taxman Rmx - Playaz
D Kay – LFO - Brigand
Electrosoul System & Subwave – One - Phuzion
Benga & Coki – Night – Zinc Rmx - Tempa
Zen – Hovercraft – Grid Dub
Hazard – 0121 - Playaz
Dillinja – Shining – Valve Dub
Generation Dub & Taxman – Snowman - Propaganda
Stanza – Table Manners - Dub
Jaydan – Gun Salute – Smokin Riddims
P.A – Ill – Music Hertz Dub
Break – Come & Get It – Soul:R
Escape – Fear Of The Future – Music Hertz
Serum – Selecta – Jump Dub
Fresh – Signal - Ram
Vapour – Sting In The Tail – 36 Hertz Dub

Friday, 28 March 2008

Nursa - Dirty Needles - 28.03.08


Tactile - Caravan - Stress Level & Ant TC1 rmx - Dispatch
Icicle - Strange Fruit - Soul:r
Survival & Zero Tolerance - Cold Blood - Revolution
Tactile, Spinline, Munk & Naibu - Antarctica - Fokus
Physics - Dream world - D bridge rmx - Blindside dub
Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 - Perseverance - Liquid V
Holdtight & Kleer - Blazius - Industry
Break & Silent Witness - Shadows - DNAudio
Quadrant & Cease - Blood on our hands - Tripple Vision
Chase & Status - Ten Tonne - Renegade Hardware
Icicle - Lost Hours - Critical
Usual Suspects - Body count - C4C rmx - Renegade Hardware
MIST - Nightfall - Renegade Hardware
Break & Hydro - Troubled Soul - Fuze Recordings
Gridlok - Skanka - Ram Recordings
Noisia & Phace - Levitation - Vision
Future Cut - The Specialist - Infrared
Universal Project - Haunted Dreams - Renegade Hardware
Amit - Dual Sense - Commercial Suicide
Johnny L & Instra:mental - Output 1-2 - Darkestral
Rufage Crew - Is this real - Exit
Cause 4 Concern - Epox - Cause 4 Concern
Break - Accelerate - Fuze Recordings
Icicle - Ur inside my head – Fokus

1hr 13mins

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Escape Ruff Mix

Serious jump up:

Pleasure Bounty Hunter v.i.p Muzik Hertz
Nw2 Tiger Tail v.i.p Muzik Hertz
Pa Story Teller Muzik Hertz
Cabbie Daysleeper
Pa Ill Muzik Hertz
Hazard Killer Don't Die Playaz
Asethics Keep Watch Muzik Hertz
Hazard Cowards Beware Playaz
Pa & Mutated Forms Hitback Muzik Hertz
Mutated Forms De Puta Madre Forms Radius
Hazard Machette Playaz
Mutated Forms Trapped In A Dream Radius
Eboney Dubsters Ra G-dub Rmx Eboney Dubs
Nw2 My Way Muzik Hertz
Tommo Lepord Fist Muzik Hertz
Dirty Harry Skankers Frontline
Shimah Commando Ellite Radius
Cabbie Loud Passage Muzik Hertz
Cabbie Jah Jah Muzik Hertz
Zen Double Bobble Grid
Serum Selecta Jump
Connecta Roll Da Chic Calypso Muzik
Sappo All Rude Boys
Worries In The Dance Serial Killers Rmx
Haterz Bounce Booty
Heist Ambush Co-lab
Vital Elements Digital Love
Devize Feat: Bassman Think Again 3d Mode
Commix Bellview Metalheadz

Original Blogging Material . . .

straight through your internet.

So Tuesday was an emotional day for me,
it was the last time i was able to go through my routine of having a Quatre Pounder meal after picking up pair kicks from Foot-patrol.

Now i have been doing this for the longest time ever without fail on my pick ups from FP, in my mind the process goes FOOT-PATROL -> KICKS -> MCDONALDS in that order.
Since i ever found out about the shop around 3 years ago (Don't watch that i was a late one)
the routine just turned into clock work,
I would go up to the door and wave my hand like a geek and wait for the door to slide open (star trek stylie)

I then go in chat shit and catch joke with Wes, Nira (see how i shortened it), or that asian dude who used to work there (sorry i forgot your name bro), never was a fan of the old balled white dude he always seemed grumpy (joke) after the initial banter.

I would then move on to the cages assessing, trying and asking for kicks in my size from the "lady of the manor" Nira, like 50cent on a tour bus with a bunch of hoes and groupies (different female = different shoe)
Nira was like my hype man on tour, finding stuff in my size giving me her opinion.
It was beautiful i tell you, I would countlessly try shit on in 6s or 7s being in there for time fraffing and laughing and being in decisive on what to buy (on occasions not buying anything WAIST MAN and then returning to find out they had sold out, my biggest mistakes were missing out on the nike talaria boot, undefeated af1 (purple colourway) and the polka dot footscape white with black dots if any one has 6s or 7s in them, allah at your boy i'd pay anything).

after eventually settle on something crazy, (6hours later haha) i would ask for my kicks in the large black FP bag (the big one, the big ones were perfect for my a3 sketchbooks, the small ones were whack especially the white ones they used to do)

after giving my thanks to the staff and asking the all important question, so what u getting in next ?
i would make movements to bond street train station for my train home, bit of a trek but it weren't a thing because i just got new kicks ! and nothing could stop me and make me lose focus (nothing except a female in JORDAN4s and skinnies that is)

on arrival at bond street train station i would stop in Mc Donalds for my Quatre Pounder meal (no ice in my coke) and would proceed to munch that shit on the train in front of hungry ass passengers !

ahhh o the good old days, but now the shop is closing this shall not take place anymore .
so to those i'v known for a bit at the shop, those i'v met recently (Dyl) and those i haven't met who work in the shop and have served and helped me over the years, thank you for it all. MISTERLEGO salutes you and wishes the best for the future

my routine of kicks and Quatre pounder meals wouldn't have been possible without you guys . . . it was fun while it lasted so i say thank you once again
(my final Quatre Pounder meal, foot-patrol connection taken this Tuesday "25th march 08" how i will forever savor the moment)
Image Hosted by
but life must go on, big up to the new faces to dover street market on the next (good if ever) Nike tier0 release i'l see you there.

So after the emotional departure, i headed to the Tate modern with my boy mister cee where he was rocking this pretty fly leather messenger bag he customized . .
so heres a bit of promotion for him well deserved if you ask me the bag looks serious.
Image Hosted by

if want him to do you one or any sort of paint work clothing, walls, accessories etc contact him on one of the following . .
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Hitting the Tate we proceeded to take notes and illegally take photographs of pieces of work on display.
This particular piece reminded me of the that theme tribe called quest go with on there album covers (going hand in hand with Cav and Shan's night out yesterday)
Image Hosted by

We then both left the Tate and see some photoshoot going on for nuts magazine
and a good 20million male builders around gawping and taking photos with there camera phones . .
so what did we do ?
we followed by example and whipped out our digital cameras
Image Hosted by

hold tight NUTS they definitely got my back on the weather situation at the moment misterlego says "OI WINTER DO ONE"
Image Hosted by

last but not least only one main hold tight which is to,
Mishka nyc for declining 3 perfectly good cards this week now, I will never be able to get that re-released purple eyeball hat thank you very much you bunch of CUNTS !

O i lied hold tight, my neighbors I swear there on some funky shit
I think its time i moved, don't you ?
Image Hosted by

love bntl like a fat kid love cake