Friday, 29 February 2008

Antenna Magazine...

This is the Spring '08 edition of Antenna.. And I've ripped the subsequent mission statement from the Antenna website;

"Antenna is the first mainstream magazine to target individuals who are on a constant quest for the newest and coolest products on the horizon. And it does so without using celebrities, models, concept shoots, service stories and whatever else we deem superfluous to our mission: to become a guidebook, allowing readers to navigate the most extensive collection of products ever compiled in a single publication, while championing the people who create, sell and collect them—all in one comprehensive, artful, elegant and innovative format. Featuring everything from dress shirts and cellphones to jeans and graphic T’s, Antenna is considered to be a non-disposable magazine in a disposable world. And you cannot ask for more than that.

On closer inspection, I wasn't overly entertained by the content, and despite a few good articles it just reminded me of one of those low brow mens magazines, such as 'Front' or 'Loaded', but this was one for Cool Guys.. Cool Guys that are slightly out of the loop. I found the most interesting thing in this magazine to be the advertising campaigns (sadly). They've tried to cover all bases, including chocolate treats and medecine (!?), which is commendable, but there is no revelations in this magazine, Hypebeast, The Hundreds & Kid Robot are all wonderful enough, but the above mission statement seems to foretell of cutting edge-ness, and that is what is woefully under-represented here..

What would A-Ron do? No.. wait..
Obey, got brought out for cattin' Shepherd Fairey.
You jumped on the "We Hate Shmack" bandwagon yet? Come on! You're late. Don't worry, it is justified.
Kevin "Hypebeast" Ma.. I'm told he has a blog.
Pork pie anyone?

More soon!

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Culture 'n that...

To begin proceedings, a picture from yesterday with (actually without) the fantabulous Gynelle -
My companion foolishly believed these boats were Oyster card compatible. Tsk!

Today I met up with a group of talented individuals, and milled around central London.. Hit the National Gallery and other cultural hot-spots such as Pret A Manger & American Apparel!! Prior to this I got an Egg Mayonaise bagel, a snickers and a Fanta all for the bargainous price of £3.00!! In 'Melts' bar just near Oxford Circus I had to double check! Taken aback, I was.. Having said that, it was quite empty at lunch time, so I'm waiting for some horror story to emerge about how this company murders children and makes bagels from them.. or something of this nature...??

Check Shakayra's myspace - She's a singer
Halo, completely by accident...

As is customary with central London expeditions we made a trip to the Montague Pyke.. and went into Borders, from which I purchased 'Antenna'.. which had a few points of interests, that I will post up in a little while...

Check back!

Mothers day sorted

Never really liked Mothers Day if I must admit, don't get me wrong Mothers are the best but why in the world do they get a day dedicated to them, where by there offspring must buy them gifts, fuck off.

All I get is a christmas and birthday, definitely not fair if you ask me.

Parents get birthdays, mother/fathers day and Christmas.. 3 to my 2 and I'm a only child so i don't get to slyly style out one of those "Ah here mother, this gift is from the both of us" (I know a lot of you siblings do it)

On many occasions its been hard on my pocket but not this year HA (to the devilish woman who invented mothers day) and YEA to the man who invented Argos, because this is where I stumbled on the best cheap present ever..

Image Hosted by

Foot Spa for £9.99 GET STUCK IN !
Argos cataloge number 442/5650 go get yours before its too late!

Todays holdtights..

Image Hosted by

Strawberry flavored nurishment, its doing a lot for my titties.

Image Hosted by

And the original mighty morphin power rangers anyone know where I can pick up a box set of the complete series ?
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Ayaaaaaaaah !

Gentle Reminders.

If i were you,i'd check back here tuesday...movements upon movements and then some.
untill then..

Test Tube Baby?
Slipped, Tripped, and Survived

be well.

'All Gone'....Book Review

All Gone is a book that is released anually from Collette's in Paris, the book documents the 'The finest of street culture 2007'. There are 253 glossy pages ranging from 'A Bathing Ape to X-Large. They limit the release of the book to 1500 copies, this year 1000 were available in purple and 500 in silver.

Mine was delivered about a week ago but problems with the couriers delayed me getting my hands on it. Props for the big dent in the cover as well!

All the main releases and collaborations feature in the book. Personally i think 2007 was a big year for releases, the quality wasnt as high as recent years but collaborations was definataly the thing everyone was doing.



Here are some of the features in the book....

The good....









The bad.....


And the ugly....


The book is a good definitive guide to what the main players of the streetwear game were upto in 2007. Each feature has a paragraph informing the reader of release dates, stores and history of the brands.

Id say it is worth buying but at around £35 each and being released every year its quite expensive. On the other hand are treated to the biggest selection of releases all in one book. Collette has definatly had an access all areas pass to all the entries so you are treated to some good picture as well.

2008 has started slow which was to be expected but im sure we are in for some more treats to come later this year.



Not gonna lie, like the sneaker game a few of us at BNTL have been slacking lately with the updates and posts. But I guess thats just down to us leading busy lives (I think) and shit happening (I think again). But I think we're back now well I am anyways so let me get to doing what I do best, which is chatting SHIT.

Absolutely disgusting if you ask me.. 8.20am in the morning and you produce dirt like this !
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

You would have thought the dude worked in a coal mine the amount of black sooty marks he left on that pole.. it was offensive, just one of the many reason why i HATE taking London transport. People sneazing, coughing, moist palms like they been wanking, picking their noses.. and all the rest of it, then they have the audacity to touch poles and other stuff I need to touch to get off the bus or train, shits disgusting.

I thought I spent a lot of money on ink and print outs at home and at uni, but shit hold tight prostitutes there doing a lot for Epsom's sales.
You probably need to put on condom just to make a phone call in the that phone box.
Image Hosted by

Straight Chicken Catsu Curry (with no veg, as usual) on lunch today
Image Hosted by

New items at the barbers, two new pairs of shoes and if you look hard enough under the black shoe theres a paper shredder as well. All added to the long list of goods on sale besides a hair cut.
Image Hosted by

Hold Tight this week goes to . .
the closed down blog "WAH" I knows its been over a week now but, you've got me saying to everybody "WAHappenings ?" I even say it to myself in my head.

Should i seek advice?

Supreme SS08

Few magazine scans, nothing looks great, or good for that matter..

More puffy key chains:

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A-Talon New Year 2008 Mix


1. Kryptic Mindz & Leon Switch - Road Less Travelled - Defcom
2. Hold Tight - Old times - Industry
3. Survival - Stasis - Play Muzik
> Krust - Set Speed - V Records
4. Alix Perez - Morning Sun - Creative Source
5. Spectrasoul - Ricochet - Diverse Products
6. Lynx - Counterpoint - Fokus
7. Break - Submerged (Teebee & Calyx Remix) - Subtitles
8. Commix - Strictly - Metalheadz
9. Kryptic Mindz & Leon Swich - Dark Flower remedy - Defcom
10. Break - The Drone - Symmetry
11. Kryptic Mindz & Leon Swich - Lost All Faith (V.I.P.) - Defcom
12. CLS & Wax - Broken - Fokus
13. Fracture & Neptune - Continuities - Breakin
14. Gremlinz & Stranjah - N.I.C. - Mindrush
15. Mutt - Draw On Me - Spearhead
16. Zero Tolerance Vs Mos Def - The Panties - White
17. Breakage - Forgot The Name - Scientific Wax
18. Spectrasoul - Shades Of Blue - Fokus
19. Break & Silent Witness - kickback/Runoff - Quarantine
20. Calyx & Teebee - Quest (Break remix) - Subtitles
21. Commix - Change ft The Nextmen - Metalheadz
22. Breakage - Unknown - White

Length - 1:10:22

DJ Escape Feb/Mar 2008 Mix

Jump up doesn't really come much better than this.

Cabbie JahJah
Cabbie & Probe Mr Jah
Drumsound & Bassline Smith Everybody Pump
Dirty Harry Skankers
Serial Killers Killer Klash
Serum Iron Hands
Soulpride Throw Ur Hands Up
P.A Skelaton
P.A Ill
Pleasure Killing Curse
Pleasure Bounty Hunter V.I.P
Nw2 Bugz
Commix Bellview
Dirty Harry Weston Riddim
Nw2 Tiger Tail
Cabbie All You See
Es Go
Lomax Artisan V.I.P
Twisted Individual Memory Implant
Twisted Individual Plank
Serial Killers You Never Know (Sarahs Song)
Sappo Lover 2 Lover
Technicolour Empty
Cabbie High Morals
Cabbie Loud Passage
Modified Motion Robotron


Belated weekend summary

After much deliberation, phone called and walking to and from the bus stop, people finally decided on an action plan. For a pleasant change I was going to med bar. Although not a drum n bass night so I wasn't expecting a great deal (even though the flyer claim we would be "dubstepping down a lane of grime and electro") excuse the electro the dubstep and grime would be fine.A 10.45 arrival meeting Ollie and others inside and forking out £10 for entry! damn rip off!

We chilled upstairs on the sofas for an hour or so, headed over to the kitchen for a acquittance of Ollie to play a set. Before this who ever was DJ'ing should really reconsider their life priorities, attempting a club DJ set from a mini ipod and ipod mixer is going about things all wrong to begin with. Teaming that up with the fact you cant mix to save your fucking family and pet gold fishes life whilst they re held hostage by Taliban freedom fighters isn't a big look. Sorry for the rant but SERIOUSLY YOU SILLY SCENESTER KIDS LEARN TO MIX BEFORE YOU TRY AND PLAY OUT AT A CLUB.

The mixer is in the middle love

Ipod mini mixer

We don't mix we dance:

So we milled around until 1.30, Ollie was asked a few times if he was selling drugs to his annoyance, but what can he expect stood by the door looking a bit moody with what could be described as a "shotters pouch" but in fact is a camera bag. The time came and we ventured over for Mary Ann Hobbs, anticipating her two hour set but unsure of what kind of tunes she would draw for.

My my my we got a big treat. Two hours of pounding dubstep dropping new tunes, old tunes and straight up disgusting tunes. Gun fingers and screwed faces were an epidemic amongst the crowd. Mary Ann Hobbs laid down the laws of dubstep and proceeded to break them!

3.30 came and off stepped Miss Hobbs so we ventured to the drum n bass in the kitchen where two "unknowns" were playing back 2 back, I had to stop skanking to watch and listen to these guys. They were very good, looks like the hours of bedroom practise paid off because the mixing and double dropping was faultless, I wont be surprised to see these guys get more bookings! So Friday was over and the early morning of Saturday was upon us. Home to bed for a fairly early rise for a weekend.

Up at 9.30 popped round to my barbers for a haircut, home, shower then a driving lesson, home, food then into town to the opticians. My third attempt at the contact lens induction, failing miserably the past two times I went tired and frustrated with the attitude of "I'm not gonna get these in, I may as well start looking at frames". I had a different guy this time and he really went into depth about technique and pointers of putting the lenses in and finally I got them in! I don't have to wear glasses!

After some much needed chilling I had some tasty home cooked Lasagna for tea and pondered the evening ahead. With guest list offers from two places, one being "Kronik Hertz" at the Basement and the other Ollie's night "Vinyl is... " over in Coventry I couldn't decide what to do?

Considering stopping in because I was still tired, I packed a bag and headed into town without a certified plan. Whilst on the bus I decided I'll hit up Kronik Hertz until about 11.30 then head over to Coventry.

Getting to Basement stupidly early at 10 o'clock the venue was empty, an hour went by and it was still empty. Pez on the decks 10-11 didn't really bother mixing and just played tracks for the fun of it. So I headed to New Street and jumped on the train to Coventry.

Meeting Chloe unexpectedly getting off the train we ventured to Ollie's to drop some bags off and called a Taxi to "Vinyl is..." after a comical dispute with the taxi driver over the meter starting at £3.60, then realising we had reached our destination without it going up? We jumped the cue and headed straight in.

Talk about a roadblock at least a hundred people outside, and the venue absolutely rammed inside the party vibes were flowing with Coventry's coolest inside... Me,Me, Me were on the decks (well CDJ's) with a mix of bassline, house, dubstep, and crazy shit.. the crowd were loving it, not really to my taste but it got a little head nod. My time was coming at 3am with a dubstep set from Innersence, sadly this wasn't to be.

Half way into the set from residents Ed and Dom security switch on the lights and off goes the sound. Game over, Night over. Police orders outside the venue must be closed... too bad as the vibes inside were crazy.

After waiting around for about 45minutes packing up we headed back to Ollies via "Istambul" Coventry's finest early morning kebab shop. Opting for a chicken burger we headed to the house, with a disastrous series of events I ended up with mayonnaise on my hoodie but oh well...

Then chillin till the early morning, a few hours sleep then the 15:00 train to Brum and home for Sunday lunch!