Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ring Ring Ring Ring

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misterlego: Hello Is Arsene Wenger there please ?

mrs wenger: No its his wife your speaking to at the moment, his just in the garden reading Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography
would you like to leave him a message though ?

misterlego: Ah yes please . . just tell him for me

mrs wenger: I'l be sure to pass on that message to him, bye

misterlego: Thank you, bye bye now il be sure to call back when we win it to, have a beautiful day now

RIO'S a fucking living legend, when his not kicking women in the knee caps.
Liverpool here we come, Chelsea ain't going through tomorrow night Saturday was a fluke your still shit, like a pair of fake Nike air rifts.


Here's some more pictures from Sunday..

The pictures were taken for my friend Amy's final project of her Fashion degree.. She styled, sourced, arranged everything!!! I just did as instructed and here's what it
came out like.

A brief outline of the theme is - collectors/collectibles.. That was the bare bones of her idea. The location is a Summerhouse/Games Room FULL of random collectible items of every immaginable form.. Unfortunately a lot of Arsenal memorabilia was present, and a few Arsenal FANS.. I swear I meet far too many.

Model - Ina from Oxygen Modelling agency.


Comments, criticism and outright hateration are appreciated as this is the first time I've done something like this..

Stussy finally come with some goodness

After months of being unimpressed by Stussy and watching them infiltrate the floor of Selfridges Birmingham, I was starting to lose faith in my once favourite brand.

Finally something good is coming from the Stussy camp: The custom made "Our Gangs '2" series, a collaboration with some big players in the world of art and graffiti with work from Mr Cartoon, Gary Panter and John Pound to produce a group of custom made tees.

Here's some previous....

Mr. Cartoon:

Mark Machado, better known as Mister Cartoon, is a Mexican American tattoo artist and graffiti artist based in Los Angeles, California.Machado designed the logo for Cypress Hill. He has tattooed the bodies of Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Eminem, Method Man, Travis Barker, Scott Raynor, Justin Timberlake, and Beyoncé Knowles. In addition to tattoos, Machado's work has been used by Nike, Toyota, T-Mobile and in Grand Theft Auto. Machado has also appeared in the documentary, Scarface: Origins of a Hip Hop Classic and according to his website has another documentary in development. Machado is a contributor to Mass Appeal Magazine. Together with friend and frequent collaborator Estevan Oriol, he owns Joker Brand Clothing. He is affiliated with Soul Assassins.
Gary Panter:

Born December 1, 1950 in Durant, Oklahoma an illustrator, painter, designer and part-time musician. Panter is a luminary of the post-underground, new wave comics movement that began with the end of Arcade: The Comics Revue and the initiation of RAW. Many consider him the second generation in American underground comix
Panter has published his work in various magazines and newspapers, including Raw, Time and Rolling Stone magazine. He has exhibited all over the world, and won three Emmy awards for his set designs for Pee-Wee's Playhouse. His most famous works include Jimbo, Adventures in Paradise, Jimbo's Inferno and Facetasm, which was created together with Charles Burns.

John Pound:

John Pound's commissioned artworks include paintings for humor trading cards, comic book covers, fantasy book covers, art prints, skateboards, and magazine illustrations for MAD, BLAB!, Business Week, and HomePC. He painted many Garbage Pail Kids for Topps, and art for Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks, Howard the Duck, and Animaniacs.
His art was featured in JUXTAPOZ magazine issue #1.
His personal art projects include the RAN DUM series (randomly- generated comic pages and art prints, created entirely by writing computer code), and the WOO-WOO series (loosely- painted poster- like cartoon scenes, often featuring the Eyewiz character). Recent WOO-WOO series paintings appear in BLAB.

Tee's:Who's coppin'??

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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Kronik Sounds & Soulwax and 2Many Djs

Slight mix up with guest list at the door but entrance was soon gained, strolled through the med bar to find it bubbling over nicely, popped into Rooties where Kronik Sounds were holding their free party, tunes were big and the Funktion one system was sound sensual!

Popped round to the Rojac warehouse to find an absolute road block, dont have a clue who was playing at the time but this was where Soulwax and 2Many Djs would be performing.

Spent the night floating from room to room, only music I enjoyed was Rooties, big sets from Tommy B, E'N'D and Cemtex.

There was half an hour of drum n bass in Med bar that was much appreciated also who ever was playing 5-6 dropping some anthems although they couldn't mix.

Finally arrived home around 7.30 thanks for the lift Greg.

Shouts: Naked Lunch, Jon Galist, Greg, the Kronik Sounds crew and G (the budding photographer)

Selected pictures in chronological order:
























hot child in the city

Dear BNTL boys & girls,

Apologies for my recent blogging absence, Jennifer has been running around like a crazed Italian greyhound trying to settle back down in Berlin. Now I'm sorted I have been able to relax and mooch around the infamous Berlin flohmarkt (flea market), finding all kinds of treasures from terrifying china dolls in tin baths to tiger print skin tight mini dresses, all for under 2 euro... As my boy Olaolu would say: HOLD TIGHT to the two hot boys rocking the Stüssy garms & classic aviators this morning perusing the wares of the market. How refreshing to see some dapper gentleman out and about on a sunday morning! How aggravating that I couldnt commit this moment to film!

These traffic lights are on the Flohmarkt road: they make my little heart melt, ESPECIALLY when theyre on red. Modelled fabulously by my mitbewohnerin Liz and her ever expanding afro:

Jägermeister - it's a given mate:
My camera has died of death on me and since Sundays are officially the day of rest in fine Deustchland, I am trapped in a beurocratic nightmare and camera-less. Suffice to say I am heading straight to the camera shop tomorrow morning to remedy the situation; BNTL vitally needs an injection of fat German men fully clad in leather from top to toe in the 30 degree heat. You'll thank me when you see it - it's an excellent deterrent from pie and cheese brunch feasts... (Mr Lego).. you'll al be reaching for your Caesar salads!

Expect one giant compendium of general German weirdness this time tomorrow... And in the meantime, everyone on the planet should seriously consider some hot-hot Berlin action this summer. It's 25 degrees and burning hot. And we can all sit here and listen to hippies play Guns 'n' Roses on a mini amp:

And I simply have to share my favourite Berlin image from Autumn....

And finally, in keeping with the tradition of coveted footwear in BNTL, I have to share with the world the fact that I am the proud owner of a new pair myself. Not conventional 'kicks' in the comfy, trainer-esque use of the word I might add... But to me they are pure art. If ever I were in danger of joining the throngs of shoe-less hippies that seem to pour out of every indie boutique around these parts, I would only have to take a little peek at my stilettoe collection to realise that there is nothing quite so satsifying as a pair of utterly, ridiculously, decadent shoes:

Big love to Britain xxxxxxxxxx
PS: Listen to Kraftwerk. Ha.

... On a sunny afternoon

Cloudless London skies seemed to suggest that yesterday was going to be our first proper taste of summer and all the good things that go with it.

Met up with Matt at 5.00 after Chelsea beat Man U, so obviously spirits were high.
After the odd tube and a few buses we reached Lewisham, went to the park and then descended on the residence of Mischa and Vanessa.
After jamming for a bit, Colin arriving and having various discussions about topics that I don't think I can repeat on this blog we headed by car for Brick Lane for the 'BE TRUE' party. Thank you very much Mischa for the lift and to those at Nike id for the free Peroni and party!
The following attempt to photo-document a few happenings...


All in all it was definitely another fantastic day/night.
Good to see lots of familiar faces again and good meeting if only briefly; Reggie, Kesh, Vanessa, Mischa and a few others who's names I forget, sorry.
Hold tight for Matt's photos coming soon also!