Friday, 30 April 2010

Palace Launch Party Pictures

Big shout to the Palace crew and especially Lucien Clarke and Level. Wednesday night saw the launch of Lucien Clarkes new pro-model board...






























The man behind all the hard work....


And the drink sponsor...



Hardback 60 page book i had a hand in putting together for Spine TV containing stills from filming since the re-launch in late 2009.

Featuring photographs from Leo Leigh & Leo Marks that look at the curious side of city living in London, New York and Berlina s well as a cross section of images from Spine TV directors and contributors Bronwen Parker Rhodes & Dan Canyon with a sprinkling of Studio Sessions and party reportage from Vent Fury & Pablo Marks.


these things: a small exhibition

Almost forgot to post this here... come look at some new pictures at Seven if you're out west anytime in the next month.

Check the Seven webstore as well, first drop of the ONLY NY Spring/Summer collection up now

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Jayou - To Be & Mix

Birmingham born DJ & Producer "Jayou" presents his latest mix and a free track give away. The up and coming talent who has already worked with the likes of Diplo, Mad Decent and Major Lazer had this to say about himself..

"Classically trained from a young age.
Quit it all at 16.
Got into drum and bass raves at 17.
Moved to uni to study business at 19, dropped out got into producing, made "Crack
Hands" and "Ghost" when I first started at age 20, now I'm 22 have done a collab
with Diplo, several mixes for Mad Decent, supported Major Lazer on their UK
tour, got gigs lined up in Venice, L.A and Seattle, have already played Germany
and all over the uk. The only way for Jayou is forward!"

Download Jayou - To Be:

To Be Mix


Ace Beats King

"London based A.CE is a graffiti artist turned street artist who has been getting up in the streets in one way or another for over 10 years.

He sees the pop art and graphic design inspired works he produces now, as an extension of the tags and throw-ups he started doing back in the 90s, and despite the move away from those conventional graffiti references in his work, his aim of getting up and getting noticed, through the predominant medium of stickers and paste-ups, still remains the same.

Born in 1980; A.CE's works often act as a remix of the various influences he has faced throughout his life, drawing richly from his time as a skateboarder, and the bold graphics and artworks he encountered during that time.

The streets and architecture surrounding him, once viewed as an open skate park, are now interpreted as a potential exhibition space, and offer A.CE a way to interact with the city he thrives within.

More recently; issues of consumption, nostalgia and gender have all been challenged within his work, though a degree of ambiguity is always intended, in order to allow the viewer to form their own interpretation of the works."

Reigning Champ SS10

The Canadians come with goodness as usual, here is a small preview of some of the non-fleece items this season. I'm definitely feeling the coach jacket!

Stella Artois Presents: UP THERE

Ripped straight from Hypebeast, Stella Artois explore the dying art of large-scale hand painted advertising.

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Releases To Make A Note Of ...

The next couple of weeks/months see the release of a stack of grime instrumental EPs that you really don't want to sleep on.

Not so much as a future release but in fact a current release is the latest offering from Swindle with his "Air Miles EP" which obviously features the stomper Air Miles, and 3 other instrumentals. The EP was released on Monday, on Planet Mu and is now available on iTunes.

Another current release comes from Teddy aka Silencer in his collaboration EP with up and coming producer; G Tank which is entitled The Lunch Box. This pre-release EP features 6 exclusive instrumentals and comes just before the release of Ghanian Fire, which is expected early summer. Out now on Amazon MP3.

S-X's "Woooo EP," finally gets its official release on 3rd of May and it will feature the original Woooo Riddim, S-X's Remix, The funky mix and Woah Instrumental. Make sure you check the "Woooo Mixtape," which is out this Friday and features loads of the previously heard Woooo Riddim freestyles plus many more exclusives. Pre-Order the EP now on Amazon MP3.

Rude Kid's "Are You Ready EP?" gets its nationwide release on 10th May and will feature a whole load of the instrumentals that have been tearing down radio and stage shows alike for the past couple of months. Tracks such as Emergency, Electric, Jack Daniels, and Window Cleaner, will all feature plus many more!

10th May also sees the eagerly awaited release of Spooky's "Murderer EP" out on Oil Gang Records. Highlights of this release include Murderer which will be familiar to those who downloaded the recent Fact Magazine mix by Elijah and Skilliam and The Devil Within which was vocalled by D Double E on Bassline Murder.

Go pre-order, buy and support these releases!

Make sure you check the twitter pages of these producers for further information on their forthcoming releases.

Elijah & Skilliam - May 2010 Mix

They're back again..


Twitter: &

Pursuit Grooves - Foxtrot Mannerisms

Multiverse music present Pursuit Grooves' debut release "Fox Trot Mannerisms". Releasing on Tectonic it has been compared with Erykah Badu, Madlib, Flying Lotus and Kyle Hall something far from Tectonic's comfort zone of dubstep.

We fired it straight over to our resident reviewer Emile for his verdict..

Artist: Pursuit Grooves
Release: Fox Trot Mannerisms
Record Label: Tectonic

Pursuit Grooves "Fox Trot Mannerisms" Tectonic TECCD008 by Multiverse

Departure; it is all we know of heaven, just as Emily Dickinson understood. This is a sentiment echoed by Tectonic through the reception and release of an artist and sound so far apart from its being, but nonetheless evermore captivating. With flight from the dark expanse of Dubstep, the label has realised Pursuit Grooves and through her Fox Trot Mannerisms, it stands as gateway to an alternate sonic reality.

A clear and open mind is the only condition that must be for one to grasp and savour Fox Trot Mannerisms, for it is not an EP that so readily suits common conception of what music is. Of all the featured tracks, Whisper underscores this point the greatest. Through hypnotic drum-play, soft, warm pads and discordant delay, the track illustrates the abstract whilst permitting a view to an intimate encounter between strangers. These are two scenarios that would otherwise seem alien to each other, but through her unique insight and manipulation of sound, Pursuit Grooves marries them with an ease that results in an uncanny harmony of music and circumstance.

As much as it can be said that Pursuit Grooves embodies an air of otherness, there is much of her that is a presentation of the past. Pieces such as Pressure have a vibe and presence reminiscent of DJ Premier, with its chopped, seemingly screwed flow and bright melody. In a similar fashion, the abrasive bass and penetrative drums of Start Somethin’ are of a nature not so distant from The Neptunes productions, giving the listener grounds upon which to comprehend the elusive character of Pursuit Grooves.

Whether the release of such a record as Fox Trot Mannerisms is an occasion of fleeting fancy or a trend to be firmly established is a question that remains unanswered. Still, this case need not mean that clarification is forthcoming, no matter how sought after it is. Speculation aside, there is only one thing that stands as an undeniable truth between Pursuit Grooves and Tectonic, which is the gleaming quality of Fox Trot Mannerisms.

Words: Emile

More info:


Buy it here: BOOMKAT

The Dream factory - Honda


"Some people argue that we are merely a product of our environment. But there are pioneers who care to differ. Where some people choose to follow trends, others choose to start them. They have the belief to follow their conviction. They have the power of their dreams."

For more information and to keep up updated on this project then check out The Dream Factory website HERE.


Back to the same old plot, with a twist.