Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cocaine 80s - Express O.G

Remember  No I.D's collective formed last year comprising of Common, Steve Wyreman, Rob Kinelski, Kevin Randolph, James Fauntleroy, Makeba and many more. 
Well No I.D is back again and has dropped this E.P titled "Express O.G". With cuts from Nas and Common respectively, this 6 track free offering can fit into any body's playlist


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Run the Track - #r1review

Bntl_bbc_rrun the track
This coming Tuesday June 5th, BNTL will be live on national radio, sharing our thoughts on the latest releases as part of the Radio 1 Review Show. 
As part of this, we get to throw down ONE TRACK that we're feeling to the nation. We've narrowed it down to three, and need your help to make up our mind. You're chance to Run the Track. 
With a lot less fanfare than a diamond jubilee, here they are...

JD REID - Future (feat. Ash Catch’em, Piff Gang, ItsNate, Denzel Himself)
This banger by JD Reid, taken from his debut e.p. 'Word Gets around' is the standout track from this solid first releases, It features the Lo wearing weed smoking Piff Gang. To hear it on Radio 1 next week Hit up the BNTL Twitter. 

Max Wheeler vs Snoop Dogg and Essjay
Max Wheeler - One part of Anushka ( Gilles Peterson's fave choice at the moment) was given the job to remix an Essjay- house/pop/diva and Snoop Dogg track, Max went into the studio for 4 days straight and came back with this. A heavy drum driven riddim for the sun, set to murk any dance floor it gets played on. All bass heads should turn when they hear this track! For the full version hit the the BNTL Twitter to hear it played on Radio 1 review show next week. 

KRY WOLF -  Off the Reel/Scream
Kry Wolf the producer is coming through with some serious heat right about now. Releasing on one of the hottest underground dance labels Green Money productions. This stripped down party vibe is a mix of house with sub low tones and musical stabs. Hit up the BNTL Twitter with feed back.
Get at us on twitter and let us know your thoughts: #r1review

Radio 1 Review Show - 29th May

On Tuesday a few of us headed over to Central London to check out the new format Radio 1 Review Show. Paul Smith, from Maximo Park and Matt Bennett, from Clash Magazine were in the studio with the wonderful Edith Bowman, sharing their thought on the latest release.

We're gonna be back there next week. But, we'll be in the chair, with a few bangers in the bag. 

Stay tuned...

bw2 bw1 bw6 bw4 bw5 bw3 bw7 
... Also, caught Preditah in studio next door throwing down a mix.

Catch BNTL, live on Radio 1, this coming Tuesday 2100 - 2200. 

YOU tells us what track to play next Tuesday! Just hit up the BNTL Twitter, with thoughts and feed back. Go HERE to check the track selection.  

Lil Silva/Butterz/More @ The Nest this Friday

lil silva butters

As Greg mentioned earlier Faze Miyake will be appearing along-side Lil Silva and Butterz this friday @ The Nest.

For the chance to win free guest-list to this event simply email your name to

Faze Miyake - Quick fire Q&A - Fives

Ahead of Faze Miyake's set at The Nest tomorrow night alongside Lil Silva, Elijah & Skilliam and many more I put together a quick fire Q&A with him in order to find out a little bit more about the Family Tree producer and DJ.


5 facts about yourself:
I'm 22 years old, Born in East London, Support Tottenham Hotspurs, My initials are the same as my producer name (FM), I make most of my music in my bedroom

5 producers that you rate at the moment:
Splurt Diablo, Teddy Music, Preditah, Rude Kid, Sir Spyro,

5 of your all-time favourite grime instrumentals:
Silencer - World War 4 VIP
Rebound X - Spaceship
Musical Mobb - Pulse X
Dizzee Rascal - Wheel
Wiley - Eskimo

5 things you love about London:
Easy to get around Always places to go/stuff going on Good for shopping The music scene The community

5 things you can’t live without:
My iPhone, My iMac, My speakers, Energy drinks, Money,

Faze Miyake has also got a forthcoming instrumental CD set for release at some point during the next few months that will feature a number of his recent productions that have been getting heavy rotation on radio from the likes of Logan Sama, Sir Spyro, Spooky and Maximum.

Event Page & Tickets

Faze Miyake - Twitter

Faze Miyake - Soundcloud

Disclosure 'Control'

After seeing these guys live at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton a few weeks back, I have been awaiting this EP drop. They put this track up on Sound cloud about 14 hours ago and its had over 15,000 plays.That's HYPE! The EP will be dropping on June 4 on Greco-Roman Joe Hot Chip Goddards label. Wait for the sub to kick..That is all!! 

Ghostface Killah - Pretty Tony's Hawk Dek

Easily one of the fliest skate decks I've seen in a hot second.
The fact its inspired by my favorite rapper of all time, just makes it that little bit more tempting to buy. 

Available on the official Ghostface site (here)

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Curren$y vs Nardwuar - pt 3

Easily the best interviewer on the planet, the human serviette goes in with Curren$y the hot spitta for the third time.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Troupe this Friday

The Troupe boys are going inn, after their first sell out night at xoyo a few weeks back. Their putting on a smasher to kick off the Jubilee weekend with the likes of T.Williams, Hackman, Eliphino and BNTL extended family members Anushka. The video below tells you whats what. 

Max Wheeler from Anushka has done a mini exclusive mix to warm you up for the BIG weekend ahead.

Were also running a comp for a pair of tickets. Just answer this question. 
What female vocalist featured on T.Williams's single Heartbeat ? 
Send answers to the winner will be notified by Friday at 1pm.
For the peeps that read the site and want to come just put your names on the £8 list before 12, HERE. More on the door. 

my city

Screen shot 2012-05-30 at 18.20.04

Screen shot 2012-05-30 at 18.23.11

Screen shot 2012-05-30 at 18.23.28

Screen shot 2012-05-30 at 18.23.47

Screen shot 2012-05-30 at 18.24.06

Screen shot 2012-05-30 at 18.24.40

Ricky Powell X PONY Europe

Ricky Powell aka "The Rickster" is a legend in the hip-hop community, his organic and fresh photographs express the golden year's of hip-hop in a very iconic and nostalgic way. Not many photographers are able to boast the same depth in content such as Ricky does with his photography work.

Being the official tour photographer for the Beastie Boys and touring extensively with a number of o.g Def Jam artists such as Run DMC. With that said Ricky recently teamed up with PONY Europe, to work his magic on one of the signature PONY sneakers the Slamdunk Vintage

Check out some of his early photos from the 80's below and his shoe.











“My newest sneaker, with PONY... celebrates their 40th Anniversary. I really like the sneaker and they happen to be ‘Animal Friendly… they’re canvas, a thick canvas and that pleases me, a lot.. I’m really looking forward to the jump off with them.”




The shoe is available from September 27th in store over at Foot-patrol, but don't hold me to that.  
For further information check out the PONY Europe site (here)

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Romain Gavras for Kanye & Jay-Z

Visuals from Romain Gavras for the video of 'No Church in the Wild' are intense. The world has seen rioting on unparallelled levels over the past couple of years and this video doesn't shy away from portraying that ongoing struggle in the streets...


These cats never fail to impress me. 
Them shorts are the one! 



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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Arran Gregory for BRUTUS

My good friend and the super talented Arran Gregory recently worked with clothing brand BRUTUS as the first artist for their Illustrators Project. Not a new concept but Arran's execution is top notch.




Arran will also be displaying his latest creations in July...


Get to know more about his work HERE.


The summer is definitely on our doorsteps meaning its time to re-up on those white tee's. TSP have been dropping consistently for the last couple of months but this release with the accompanying zine has caught my attention.


Peep the video for a flick through of the zine.

Y'OH X Adidas Consortium

The second drop for the Adidas Consortium range is due out in the commencing weeks. Once again we see Adidas team up with a bunch of creative individuals to re work some of their most loved models. 
With that said I'm happy to say the original seamstress queen pin Kara, over at fashion label Y'OH has been blessed with the opportunity to work her magic on a pair of Pro Shell's. 
Below is the out come. 


Below are the rest of the consortium collaborations available in the 2nd drop. 
Consortium ZX500 by Shaniqwa Jarvis


Consortium Australian Matchplay by Viktor Tell

Consortium Decade Hi by Stefan Glerum

20th anniversary BC silhouette


Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake. 


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