Sunday, 30 December 2007



New Years blog will hopefully contain more words... Check back to see if your optimism is justified...

Vinyl is Turkey...

My second expedition to Coventry for a night out, and I really hoped this one was going to be better, if you read the post about my last adventure you'd know why!

So meeting Jon and purchasing some alcohol we boarded a train to Coventry, after a slight detour we arrived at the venue at around 9, sparsely populated I feared this could be a repeat of that fateful night earlier this month.

The venue filled throughout the next hour or two and it turned out to be a very busy night, a few sets lacked skill but the effort was definitely there...

The Tomb Crew came on at around 1am after some hardware issues and proceeded to destroy the dance floor with some old skool garage and then a series of devastating dubstep tunes, big up to that blonde girl requesting cockney thug!

The night drew to a close and a small gathering ventured back to Ollie's for the "after party" certain members took to many substances and retired upstairs, big up to Jon for pouring beer down my jeans (cunt)

I finally got home at 6.30pm Saturday and retired to my room for some much needed sleep!

Most enjoyable!

(For all those who want the pictures they're on my Facebook, just search for Andrew Witts and drop me a message)

Selective pictures for blogging:

Saturday, 29 December 2007



hey everybody has been a while since iv graced the pages of BNTL with my words, today im back, i got a new job as a design consultant for nike id so i been away for a while working hard working daily etc
full time employment hold tight.
been throwing my fingers about on the laptop lately producing some design work for the mass viewers
take a look

apart from that been crying at the fact i havent got a new lens for my camera yet and my photography is on a hold, butttt good old father christmas brought me an i phone

shit is offff the hook morning train rides to work while checking BNTL who could ask for more? time for bed.
if anyone comes by the id studio be sure to say hi


Just rolled in from a night of alcohol, laughs and photographs.

Kesh asked me to do some pictures for her clothing brand, recognising the oppurtunity to increase my portfolio, I willingly accepted..

So I get to Clapham North soon after 8pm and am submerged into a house of semi-drunken females... they dissapear off into Kesh's bedroom and 30 minutes later, I am summoned in...

I took a few basic pictures to guage lighting, and the effect of the flash gun... then get underway... I can't show all the pictures, for one there's far too many.. and also I need to hold some back for other reasons.. I wasn't really sure what was expected of me, but under the partial direction of Kesh I took a couple hundred photos, and am happy with the vast majority of 'em...

All the girls were lovely, and made my already easy job.. even easier..


Overall, a very jokes evening, and one I won't be forgetting for a while..

If you wanna see more Kesh, and you probably do... visit her blog by clicking this link or check her myspace by clicking this link..

Night night.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Ill Poetic... :)

No elaborate story for this one as I'm tired as fuck... Good artist... Good album... Refreshing sound!

End of Year Shoe Wrap Up (kinda)

I would have made it longer but well everything would have got a little to negative so i kept it short and sweet.

Shoe of the year: Foot PatrolxAdidas Campus

Worst shoe of the year: Nike Sb What the dunk....

Most Under-rated shoe: Nike Talaria Boot, it was underated in 93/94 still was in 07, got a better response but underated nevertheless. Props if you picked it up Tinker killed it .

Most Over rated shoe of the year: anything clyde/maybe the Spiz'ike/what the dunk

Biggest Disappointment: the lack of good affordable shit.

For 2008 do not be dis heartened stick with it for 2008 smells like change. People will stop filtering culture through thier computer screens and get out and do shit. Nike have even made a new shoe! i kid you not, a hybrid but looks nothing like any of the shoes used to make it, its fresh and affordable.

(this is not gospel, just my opinion and im shur many will disagree, but thats how the story goes)

Djs are Vermin

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Ungrateful Cunts at Christmas

Now I understand when you're a kid Christmas can seem to be all about presents, getting up at 6am to open you re new console, bike, clothes, games whatever but now we've all grown up why are some people still so ungrateful?

I've spoken to a few people today and all they have done is moan about gifts, moan about stuff they got they don't want or moan about how Christmas is over as soon as you're done opening presents?

I don't wanna sound cheesy here, but all of that stopped a long time ago. It's nice to open that great surprise gift or something you really hoped for but Christmas is all about giving and spending time with family and loved ones oh and the bonus of fine food!

The highlight of my day today have to been the cheer of joy from my Dad when he opened one of his presents from me, and the same with my Mom. Honestly I've never had that reaction before and it was so nice to see the happiness in the two of them. Later on today we went to visit my Nan and Grandad and all of my Mom's family, it was really nice to see everyone together, happy and smiling.

So everyone just appreciate the family you have and the gifts you received, some people are a lot less fortunate!

Paix & Merry Christmas.

2007 Look Back

Merry Crimbo and all of that . . . the days nearly over
and '08 is nearly here
I had to do this before other blogs and myspace's do it..

Highs and lows of 2007 . . .

Primark opening – why did so many chicks fight to buy £2 knickers and £4 shirts? If you were the one of the many women there you should be ashamed!

Gordon brown – I don’t know what to say . . . the labour party man has been hit with more scandals in his first few months of term than I've had hot dinners

England losing every sporting glory it came so close to winning –

Rugby team
Mayweather Hatton Boxing

Amy Winehouse, well what more do I have to say? Husband in jail, cocaine, cutting herself, rehab, telling her audience to fuck off..

Britney - shaved her head, lost her kids to the worst rapper ever and fell out with her mother wait aaaaaannnnnd found out her 16 year sister was getting pressed by a 19 year and now is pregnant.

The sneaker game became shit for a bit still slyly..

Collaborations between street wear companies went over board I had never seen anything like it. If I see another ______X______X_______ “is releasing” I'm gonna break my laptop

Whack sneaker collections on myspace - Fake sneaker heads you know who you are

People on mypsace that claim to be graphic designers but have some whack rave flyer they made.

All the come back groups, I swear record companies had this all planned out 8 years ago.

The people who automatically turned into professional photographers since digital cameras became affordable(except my boys on BNTL, they're original showerface mongers with the camera’s, don’t watch that

Global warming went up a couple of notches (I swear we're all fucked).

Arsenal this season so far, I don’t even support them but shit! Breath taking at times..

Northern Rock account holders, you’re so dumb! Your fucking money never went anywhere, it was safe. But yet you lined up to take your money out! Did you not think if everyone went at once then you may not get your money?

Cricket teams drunken movements in Jamaica

Pigeons in West End getting over brave, I swear one clothes-lined me the other day!!

The whole retro thing needs to stop in 2008.

The release of the Nike Talaria boot (anyone got a size 6 or 7 I'll buy, whatever price.

Slammin' kicks closing sad times.
Deal Real closing, more sad times.
Bond international closing EVEN MORE sad times

What the dunk release, haha.. hold tight all the any guys talking like they were going to have me and Tronics up. Hold tight the mad reselling price before they even released.

The weak Dollar against the Pound.

Poorly made re-issues! Up your game Nike, too many re issues... up your game Nike

A reduced amount of Asian people on road selling pirate DVD's, I can’t lie there has been times I really needed them guys and they were nowhere to be found! It even cost me a link one time with some woman I really liked

The Princess Diana re-trial, fuck it, the royal family did that shit.. those who know the levels know the truth.

I don’t think this was this year but Ashley Cole and Master Steps gay allegations..

Diddy cheating on his girl friend with Siena Miller.. fucking donut! P Diddy and the amount of money he has to pay in child support..

Add more if I've missed something out because I'm sure there's plenty more!!