Thursday, 31 July 2008

TOO Skinny?

Across all style genres mens denim has gradually been getting tighter and tighter. With brands such as American Apparel and Cheap Monday releasing 'Unisex' styles the gap between mens and womens denim is quite literally getting smaller.

The question is... How Skinny is TOO Skinny?

Put down what you're doing and focus on me

Teachers had some lyrics back a day...

So it's Thursday and I might be in a shitty mood if I wasn't flying to Ibiza on Friday for a week. My flat is mad hot, my office is mad hot and the climate crunch shows no sign of letting up. To alleviate your discomfort at work/yard or other form of abode... I present to you not one but two gifts, with the help of Jet Set Graffiti and GotDarker...

Firstly, JSG have unearthed rare video of the mighty street art legend that is Kaws, doing his thing in NYC back a day. Apologies to the ready but archive footage of this caliber will always re-up... if you're not ready for Kaws... or are only aware through Original Fake... get to know! If you like this and you're thirsty for more, seek out a film called Bomb It! - I saw this in NYC a couple months back and left the cinema in awe. It's mad informative, inspiring and concise... alongside Scratch, Wild Style and Style Wars, it takes it's place in hip hop flick folklore. Go get!

Secondly, for the dub-step & grime heads, go download (it's OK cos it was a free download) Kode 9's 2007 live mix from Spanish electronic music festival Sonar courtesy of GotDarker. If you ain't heard this previously, buckle up and enjoy the turbulence! Dub-step ain't for me all of the time either, but Kode 9 completely smashes this set. The remixed Dabrye riddim featuring legendary underground rhyme-smith MF Doom is surely one for the crate! I know it's last year, but it's timeless...

til the next... school time is over

toocoldtohold x

Deeper Overground

Yes my bntliens... allow me to re-introduce myself my name is - cold...
...and I'm a new inductee to the bntl-family! Peeeeeeeace

Look in my face and you might well think you're a son to my style as I've been on the scene for a minute. Born & bred an east Londoner, I've been DJing deep underground since my yout years, and among other things currently I head the creative team behind an emerging art & style publication that launches late this year. Watch this space for more on that. My old man launched Smash Hits, The Face, Arena and stood as the editor at the NME for many years, so you could say I've seen a bit and I know a bit. Anyway, enough of the profile... here's some snaps I took from the day after the night before... lords & ladies I give you the trains...



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On rotation - Sonido, Obi, Kun, George, Jack, Ranks, Moses, Hassan, Tiny Jack Penate, Chima & Russ... sadly a lack of the feminine persuasion!

Summery Vibes.

The day started with a 'heart attack in the making' in the form of Bodeans, Josh opted for the heart renching Bacon Butt.. I kept it real, and classic with the KC x Cheese x Bacon.. Greg rolled up soon after and we checked out the Hideout sale, which is good if you wear a size medium.. Got my 'broken' camera back, with the idea of getting another quote elsewhere.. And then proceeded to the DPMHI sale, which is quite deep as well.

After a little more consumerism, we opted for beers and street performance in Covent Garden in the glorious sunshine.

The beer can isn't small, Greg actually has a size 8 head.


Hang tight the lady with the TERRIBLE hayfever just behind us. The sneezing levels were crazy high, but rather than moving out of the middle of the park she just sat there suffering, not in silence.

More of the same tomorrow.. Anyone who wants to come to the Yo Yo leg of the Pretty All City launch shindiggle get at us and we'll put you on guestlist.

American Splendor

Tonight my eyes were blessed with one of Cleveland's best exports, depression. For some perverse reason i find films about menial, routine stuff, based in noname American towns fascinating and 'American Splendor's' doom and gloom plus static plot delivered this to perfection.

Just like the dark smoky rooms Mike Figgis portrays in 'Leaving las vegas' and the attraction the audience develops towards Nicholas Cage's depressing predicament, American Splendor had me wishing my life amounted to little more than 5 days a week working a deadend clerks job, with a disfunctional relationship and a testicular lump to match.

American Splendor

The film is also interesting becuase it involves sketches and artwork by R.Crumb, an illustrator with a fetish for bigger women and domination. The supreme fans out there will know recognise his work from the collaboration he was involved with in 2007

Pretty All City

Today marked the launch of PAC's (Pretty all city) website, which boasts an online lookbook and blog. All in all a very well designed and interesting website for what promises to be the new badboy on the block for UK cloth pieces.

Online lookbook snippets:


If any of the threads wetten your tastebuds, be sure to make an appearance at Imperious Rex this evening where tee-shirts be be sold and later join the gang for a shaking of legs at Notting Hill arts club!


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bigger than Barry: The Wild West

Yet another installment of overweight business from Bigger than Barry, this time with a cowboy, wild west theme.

With plenty of Cowboys, Cowgirls and Indians inside the Rainbow warehouse when I finally gained entry at around 11:30, thanks to confusion with guestlist and pain in the ass security things were set for a big night.

Massive sets from Bok Bok & Manara, Monday Murkage and Bobby....

Here's some flicks:

Arjun inside the ride


As was a spitting Naked Lunch


Barry fan club


Vice Magazines hugest fans..






No shemale?


"He's got the whole world in his hands"


Mary J reppin'




Sweet like..


Straight out of Barcalona




Rob "Henchman" Obeng





House of Fraser represent


Fiyyyah dem


Better Never than what?


And for all 342 of em'

Shouts to Barry crew, Size crew, Lowlar, Candy crew and anyone else I spoke too!