Friday, 30 March 2012

Funkystepz - Royal Rumble EP


Despite the fact that some critics claim that UK Funky is a declining, or possibly even an extinct genre, there are definitely still a number of producers within the scene who continue to fly the flag well, whilst also churning out regular first class productions. In particular Funkystepz are notable for doing exactly this, considering their latest smashes on both Hyperdub and also their own imprint F.L.Y.

Set for release this coming Monday on their F.L.Y. label is the highly anticipated 'Royal Rumble' EP containing 4 fantastic tracks that have been getting a regular hammering by various DJs on Rinse FM, 1Xtra, Kiss 100, Deja Vu and many more.

Personally I think that the title track 'Royal Rumble' stands out the most for me on this EP. According to the press release; "The guttural basslines work perfectly in tandem with the percussive beat pattern and temperamental melodies, making it one unpredictable trip full of twists and turns that make for a rough ride throughout."

The 'Royal Rumble' EP is out in all good digital outlets this Monday.

Funkystepz - Twitter

Funkystepz - Facebook

Funkystepz - Soundcloud

MR.MITCH - SEARCHING & Lucid - 016

This morning I received an email containing two recent Mr. Mitch projects, both of them displaying fairly distinct aspects of his production style. For example with his recent releases such as 'The Last Stand' or even his remix of J-Sweet's 'Can't stop my grime' you could be under the impression that his production is solely focused around this realm of grime instrumentals. However he flips this assumption on its head with the following 14 track album that instead 'explores the theme of love and relationships.' This is definitely recommended listening for the summer months ahead.


You can download the album HERE

Secondly Mr. Mitch has put together this exclusive mix for Lucid that favours a style situated more towards his recent releases that I mentioned above. As the blurb reads on Mixcloud;

'London based producer and DJ MR. MITCH gives a premium taste of the UK's underground grime scene in this half hour meeting of minds embellished with a generous helping of his own crisp beats. Productions like 'Closing Party' and 'NICO' alongside past remixes of Skepta and JME reveal just the reason why this A grade audio addict is shooting up the grimey ranks with a serious pace and without any sign of slowing. Lace up your high tops and prepare to vibe to this one.'

Mr. Mitch - Twitter

Mr. Mitch - Facebook

Mr. Mitch - Soundcloud

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nas - 30 Minute Interview

The king speaks.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Joey BADA$$ x Capital STEEZ - 'Survival Tactics'

This is heavy. Joey BADA$$ is gonna do a lot this year. One part of The Progressive Era straight out of BK they're coming correct. Download The SECC$ mixtape HERE

Record Shop Dude #08

This guy's a legend!
Watch Sean as he talks about hip hop in this weeks Record Shop Dude.

If you haven't watched the other episodes please do.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Before Twitter you rang your favourite rapper's premium rate phone line.

T Williams


Man of the moment T Williams just upload a whole load of heat to his Soundcloud six days ago. Pure bangers you're sure to hear tearing up raves over the next few months. Synthia stands out as a percy but 30 Degrees is also a belter and Zoop sees him explore a much darker sound.

Check out more new music by T Williams on Soundcloud HERE

Gilles Peterson Final Radio 1 Show


So last night saw the grand finale of what can only be described as a very sad day for Radio 1. I now no longer have any reason to lock in or listen back. Gilles' departure and shift over to Radio 6Music signals the end of my Radio 1 days, it's no longer relevant to my interests. I've been listening to Gilles' show for about 10 years, either live as a student or either on a listen back tip at work. He's introduced me to a plethora of music over the years from Baille Funk and Latin American music to a variety of Hip Hop and House records. He joins the dots and we as London music lovers owe a great deal to Gilles, from being at the heart of Rare Groove to championing Broken Beat, the esoteric end of Drum & Bass and Dubstep, he's played it all. Prior to last nights show he's been conducting some retrospectives, each focussing on a sound or scene with Gilles digging through the crates and playing the gems from the show's 14 year past.

Last year I ventured with my girlfriend to Sete for his Worldwide Festival and those in the know can attest to what truly is a remarkable mix of music and vibes in an idyllic setting. I met Thristian BPM down there and he's just one of many people to come through the Brownswood crew to develop his own lane in London's music scene with Boiler Room. The other most notable graduate being Benji B and the BNTL crew are full supporters of Deviation and what he's been doing for some time. A massive thank you to Gilles for what has been a great education in music.

Gilles hasn't always been at Radio 1 and has played on all the major London stations, so change isn't new and with his move to 6Music we can expect progression. He's going to be soundtracking Soccer Saturday from 3 till 6pm. Listen Back to his last Radio 1 show on iplayer HERE and full tracklisting HERE

Adidas Training Academy - Mexico City 2012

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be flown out to Mexico City to have a closer look at the Adidas Training Academy. The goal of the academy is to create a platform where fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike can learn from the best athletes in the world, in a series of tailored workouts. It is also where Adidas assess the effectiveness of their product, and get feedback from the athletes using it on ways they can improve. On our final day Adidas hosted a public event in the middle of the city which seemed a great way of interacting with a wider audience, both young and old.

The city itself is amazing, quite clearly under heavy development, but was still amazing to see both the new and old districts.

Mexico 2012 292
Mexico 2012 027
Mexico 2012 043
Mexico 2012 070
Mexico 2012 082
Mexico 2012 083
Mexico 2012 086
Mexico 2012 125
Mexico 2012 143
Mexico 2012 145
Mexico 2012 171

During our stay we also paid a quick visit to the Adidas Originals shop. Which contained a full section on their recent collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott.

Mexico 2012 162
Mexico 2012 172
Mexico 2012 176
Mexico 2012 184
Mexico 2012 195
Mexico 2012 198
Mexico 2012 203
Mexico 2012 204
Mexico 2012 219
Mexico 2012 247
Mexico 2012 264
Mexico 2012 266
Mexico 2012 275
Mexico 2012 278
Mexico 2012 285
Mexico 2012 286
Mexico 2012 302
Mexico 2012 298

Many thanks to all at Adidas and We Are Social for the fantastic oppurtunity.


Check out this new drop from the New Balance folks, a collaboration between Sneakersnstuff and milkcrate.
Haven't got a clue why it took two parties to produce this colab, but whatever.

Both shoes are a solid pick for the summer months a head.

For the drop hit the extended family, Foot-patrol.
Released in-store 29.03.12





Ps keep an eye out for the release party.


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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Matinee Wave


photos by twigs

TEDxBricklane - Redefining the DJ

This Thursday 29th March, the independently organised TEDx event, TEDxBrickLane, will take place at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane. The night will bring together the ideas of music professionals and academics from the UK and around the world to create a richer definition of the DJ, and cement its position in 21st Century music culture.


Unfortunately tickets are now unavailable but you can watch the event online from 7pm HERE
LinkTEDxBricklane Facebook


Last night I watched Snowtown. Directed by Justin Kurzel, the film is about the Snowtown Murders which took place in the Adelaide suburb of the same name in the 1990's. This one isn't for the faint hearted and probably not suitable for girlfriends, first dates or a weekend at home with the parents. It's dark and reminiscent of Harmony Korine's Gummo as it explores the world of desolate white impoverished enclaves and the notion of family and community. It's brutal and highly recommended.

B - Side Gallery

This Friday my friend Josephine Chime will be exhibiting some art work at the launch of the new permanent A-side B-side gallery.
You should pass through and check it out, all details below.

A-side B-side Launch flyer

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