Monday, 30 June 2008

Literally Pretty All City.

Ran into Agostinho (long-time-absentee) today in central while waiting for Big Ron, was good to catch up with him.. Was in the area to fix the broken camera, when I got a call from Tan asking if I could get some product pictures of his new t-shirts.. So pushed back the repair process once more to do so. Mad selfless! So after a brief west end forrage, with Ben and Aaron we headed to Mile End to meet Jack..

Oscar was holding E3 down single-pawed.


Headed over to Tan's around 7ish to make use of the swiftly vanishing light while we could, here's a little bit of the outcome -


That's us, having mad fun.

I've never heard of the Cool Kids

Until I came on this blog.

Im a Grime Kid what then?!

I hate posting youtube links but visually Grime is doing a lot right now.

Wiley & Hot Chip - Live @ Glastonbury - UNREAL

Chipmunk - Muhammed Ali

Little Dee - Star In The Making

Double S - From Day

Griminal - Live In Brighton

Me & Skilliam are playing at the next chockablock July 18th see you there.


Spray Lauch Party..


I'll be showing of my superstar DJ skills so come check it!




Sunday, 29 June 2008

Cool Kids -Carling Academy Birmingham

Just got back from the Cool Kids gig in Birmingham. They smashed it on stage, its just a shame Birmingham wasnt saying much. The crowd was on the some what 'thin side'. Sayng that i've not see any advertisement for this tour.

Massive props to Ian (Candyman) for the ticket.

On with the pictures.

Rolled with Shaun and Leon after drinks at The Yardbird.





Cool Kids.




Gutter Press

I hear its deemed to get messier than dinner at Amy Whinehouse yard with noel gallagher and Jay Z .
attend at ur own peril

The Funtime Club Wednesday 25th

Very late on the upload and blogging of this night, due a night out with work colleagues and a trip to London.

The first of many, the Funtime club promised and delivered the best midweek party action in Brum, if you've had enough of Snobs or are fed up of it being full of 13 year olds then head down to the next one. Every Wednesday as the Rainbow warehouse beach.

Biggin' up Bobby on his birthday and for the free Bacardi Breezers (no homo), Half sugar and surprisingly tasty, the first time I'd ever indulged in the alcopop so popular with binge drinking 15 year olds..


Hip-Hop selection brought by..


Hendrix inside the ride










The rest.....


Crackheads . .

Don't come any better than are resident dyson nosed soul singer.

I would personally feel like a mug with no handle, if i got punched up by a crackhead with missing teeth. She looked and sound awful yesterday nothing else to say except that bench out side peckham library awaits you amy.

On other news this past week, since when did token woofters start spitting in peoples faces ?
i thought it was more of a straight MEOOOOOOW, draw for the hand bag and slapping tip.

I don't know what Mohamed was thinking at the time and admire the way he didn't retaliate.
(wait hoooooooooooold up, what the fuck is wrong with me ? my name ain't Oprah)
i don't admire him for shit he should have dropped kicked that woofter in his top lip.
As soon as some ones saliva comes into contact with my body at such speed and purpose ima start swinging for some ones chin.

The whole reason for the argument was absolutely stupid. All over that painting Jen drew, it was shit if im honest iv seen better pictures from patients who suffers from Parkinson disease. Jen over milked that situation a 23 year old mother, crying over some wack painting being smudged should be ashamed of herself.

(disclaimer . . i got love for homoes so don't take offense to the post, wait not that kinda love though, so don't think about sending any fruity messages to me)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

The wire... The greatest show ever

All five seasons

if you have doubts watch all seasons

Recent history..

Reached Amersham arms last night for Rusko/P Money/Chipmunk/Deadly Rhythm DJ's & Tomb Crew.. Vibes and tunes were good all night, place was full of youngers though, or I'm just getting old, or both? Greg got strictly TOO excited by Rusko's set and subjected those in his immediate vicinity to gun fingering and profanity, in that order. T rex skanker Witts was certainly in effect, but the T Rex skank - has been retired, all that remains are cheap imitations.

The only proof that this night ever occured. Thanks to Beefcake of Accrobeau. It's too much.

Woke up the next morning in a room full of bodies (the less said about this predominately male bonding session the better, alie?).

Headed to west end with the Birmingham Blade, brummy affiliate Witts. On our way we spotted something that made us think of Iceland..

Tan told us he was going to Brighton for the weekend, turns out he was in New Cross, opening a cafe.. Good on ya mate.

On arrival in west, we battled through hoards of people and hit Bodeans.

For all curious parties the 'Special Sauce' which accompanies chips here is "Barbecue Mayo".. or "Barbecue sauce and mayonaise" - as one helpful waitress felt the need to break down to us.

Gangsta nah pose for photo..

"That's gonna be embarassing."

After exhausting all the spots in West End we made an executive decision to head to Bethnal Green to check out Imperius Rex, after an exciteable Jack called to inform BNTL was known.. So I went there, and chatted to TC (co-owner of IR) who informed me that his site had recieved alot of traffic directly from BNTL - following a recent post. Was an insightful conversation, and he's a very safe fellow, confirming badaman status, by hooking me up with...


Greatly appreciated. The shop is definitely worth a visit, and if you can't physically make it visit and consume until your hearts content!

Cool Kids x The Candy Store

I've been asked by The Candy Man to let you know about this little happening on Sunday 29th June.


Il be there taking pictures, so i'll see you there.

Electric Door Magazine
"A fresh perspective for the street wearing obsessive"

Best mag I've read thus far in 2008, excellent photography, illustrations, information and writing.

If this was a McDonalds meal it would be a quarter-pounder meal, not too heavy not too light just the right amount of meat, with a hint of ketchup which can be easily digested and washed down with some artificial coca cola.

Magazine website for online reading .. CLICK HERE.

Hold tight my momi Zainab who created the magazine and who kindly sent me my physical copy, thankyou MOMI.

train journey will be a pleasant one, thanks to you.

loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

A Rather Blustery Day...

All taken with the 'broken' camera..


Last one is Saintly. Haha.

It's quiz time.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hott Date The Free Beach Party

Another Saturday night at the beach... sounds weird to be saying that in Birmingham but we now have our own artificial beach for the summer down at the Rainbow warehouse.

With the wet weather trying to spoil things heaters were brought in to keep the sand dry and seemed to do the job, although the sand in shoe business was even less appealing than last week, I think the novelty is starting to wear off already.

With the promise of some dubstep and a fair few of the crew heading down I headed to Digbeth for around 11.30, an elongated powernap before hand did wonders as I arrived fully refreshed and full of energy.

House music and electro seemed to be the choice of the DJs none of which I know names of until 1.30 was piss poor (in my opinion). I wasn't even intending on taking many pictures but boredom provailed and out came the camera.

In summary, rubbish until 1.30 Ed and Dom came on and livened things up, Greg came with dubstep but still needs to work on his mixing.. and it ended. Back to Winters house for some afterparty shenanigans (none of which documented with camera) finally arriving home at 5pm Sunday evening. Messy


Trav came with nudety



The "shirt like a cape" man dem


Some random black guy? oh and Barak Obama





This guy was dressed like a racist and liked dubstep


Cling film is the new allover print hoody


Not bad for free