Sunday, 30 August 2009


Very sadly another talented individual passes.


Billionaire Boys Club, A/W 2009 - “Space Beach”

Many of us have probably already seen images of the BBC autumn winter collection but hears a few more pieces / accessories from there Space Beach Collection.

The selection of image below are just a small representation of the collection. I just cant be bothered to source out any more.

you can look for yourself at the ice cream / bbc look book for a/w 09 if you haven't already by just a (CLICK).








For more information on BBC / Ice cream just click.
Or for information on what pieces have hit what shops in London or any other thing regarding bbc just get at my girl Annoushka >

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Friday, 28 August 2009

South Central Cartel

Following on from my earlier post on S/S Shirts, i was sent this image from my friend. It shows LA based group South Central Cartel all rocking Ben Davis shirts...


Also found this image...


I've spent most of the day watching old SCC videos, these are my favourite. Probably the illest dressed group ever...

Snapbacks, wayfarers, coach jackets, chucks, khakis, flannel shirts...what more do you want?

Game Over

Still wearing boat shoes?


Crocs are all over this look.

Jacked from Platform Style

All Caps interview with 'Soshapeit'


With the second
Reset event set to happen tomorrow at Nike’s 1948 store in London’s Shoreditch, The Shape of Things to Come catches up with AC of rising brand ALLCAPS. Alex’s approach to clothing and art is particularly interesting, in Easter he showcased his line inspired by Charles Dickens’ Hard Times novel, and at 20 years old, he is one of the bright young talents driving London’s burgeoning street inspired creative scene. AC is one of the key individuals pioneering British Street Culture and the inclusion of his brand at Reset is testament to the success of the brand over the last couple of years.

Included in the interview is an exclusive look at the mood boards AC has created, offering an entry point into the creative process of ALLCAPS, an insight which is rarely exposed to the public with clothing brands.

ac 1

So AC, what was it that first inspired you to start the line in 07? Can you let us know a little bit more about you personally, where in London are you from?

I’m AC, sole-proprietor of the ALL CAPS brand, I’m twenty years old and I hale from the far reaches of North-West London, Harrow to be precise. I suppose, I was looking to do something along these lines from when I was 14, painting graffiti on trucker hats and selling them to my friends. Towards the end of ‘07 I just happened to have a bit of money stacked and I gambled it on doing my first set of tees which I sold at the LCC (london college of communication) Winter Market.

How has London impacted upon what you want to achieve with ALL CAPS, our style and Streetwear scene for want of a better phrase is fairly unique to us?

London as a city guides everything I do, it provides me with all the inspiration I need for prints in a most direct sense, and has shaped the person I am in attitude and politics which indirectly also influences the brand. What I hope to do with ALLCAPS is get the name onto the products that Londoners from many different walks of life use, its not just t-shirts for cool guys I’m doing baggies nowto spread the name through an un-tapped advertising medium and soon I want to start branching off in lots of other directions. One day I hope to open ALLCAPS off-licenses in every neighbourhood, ALLCAPS pubs with ‘4-20 friendly’ gardens, maybe even ALLCAPS record shops. So yeah London has impacted upon me to no end, and I hope, through the brand’s many, future, facets, I’ll impact upon London one day to the same degree.

Rest of the interview and more images

Tune of the Day

Ratatat are the guys when it comes to remixes, not heard anything like this since Dangermouse brought out the Grey Album.... (play it loud from a system).

With it being Friday i'm treating you to a bonus track...

The Devoted - The Reset Part 2

"Release V from The Devoted is inspired by Victorian Exploration and their fascination with the animals of the world. As always hand-drawing plays a big part in the final pieces, giving nice texture and character to the print. Everything will be released first at the Reset and will be in stores shortly after"


You can find out more info on The Devoted by just a (click)

or you can get at my girl Annoushka by email over,

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Supreme Fall 09

Few shots from Smart Magazine and the preview is up on the Supreme site now!

Sneak preview from the Supreme site:



Process August 2009 Mix

1.Tunnidge – Geddeon
2.Hatcha and Kromestar – Ragz
3.Breakage – Rain
4.Calibre – Dutty
5.Pangea – Router
6.Kode 9 – 2 Far Gone
7.Burial and Four Tet – Wolf Cub
8.Pangea – Bear Witness
9.2562 – Love in Outer Space
10.Skream – Backwards
11.Coki – All of a Sudden
12.Jack Sparrow – For Me
13.Komonazmuk – Miss Her
14.Lost – Neck Back
15.TRG – Surreal (5am)
16.Geiom and Appleblim – Flame Tree
17.Mata-Syn – Track Side
18.Orien – Witch Doctor
19.Caspa – Riot Powder
20.Benga – Benga's Off His Head
21.Caspa – Low Blow
22.The Streets – Blinded By The Lights (Nero RMX)


S/S Shirts

I can see this upcoming AW season being very exciting in regards to clothing. Not only have brands been forced to pull their fingers out with the current economic climate, Workwear is still making all the headlines. With Workwear, especially in the winter its the season where brands really make their money. You're paying for much more weight in fabric and also the updated technology, Gortex doesnt come cheap.

The summer season hasn't completely vanished, I'm guessing we've got about 4 more weeks until we're forced to put our shorts back into hibernation.

I was very curious to see how workwear got on through the summer, so far the chinos, denim jackets, french army jackets, oxford shirts have all been very popular but short sleeve shirts hardly made an appearance. Brands didn't really tackle this particular item of clothing.

The ones that i've seen around are...


Standardly the Dickies one is still going strong, available in every colour under the son. This thing will last you forever.


The Edwin Jiggler made in lightweight cotton is a good choice for those super hot days. They've updated this piece with some embroidery and patches. Available in Khaki and Black.


This Ben Davis number is my favourite, heavyweight classic with the half zip. Available in a variety of solid colours and the same in the hickory stripe.

Stores like
Albam and Garbstore have a great selection of workwear inspired clothing but no amazing short sleeve shirts. Lets hope next year the short sleeve shirt game will come strong.

What short sleeve shirts have you seen?

I've also joined twitter. For more style related talk follow me.

Weave Alert 2

Now this particular style of placing one weave a little higher than their real hair line is quite regularly adopted by many weave users. I personally like to call it the . .

"You're so far back im like saying COME OOOOON, clash me COME OOOON ! "

As we can see the weave has slowly moon walked its way passed the beginning of her "real" hair line and has decided to settle itself half way on her scalp. exposing the real hair for what it is.


former weave alerts.
weave alert 1

Weave alert part 3 soon come. Black, White, Puerto Rican, Asian theres no discrimination if you use weave in a offense way I'm coming for you !

Disclaimer - i think weave is cool I've dated a few chicks that might as well have bathed themselves in the shit, God dammit my mother uses weave from time to time. But fucked up weave is just wrong and should be highlighted and stamped out and that's my aim.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Tune of the day

A little something for my brother. Carnival is gunna miss you.

Wah dem a do...

This weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year. Notting Hill Carnival is a monster of a party. The Daily Mail readers who have all moved into Ladbrooke Grove are trying their hardest to get it locked off but not just yet, i can feel it will happen one day soon though. If you've never been....seriously.....dont miss out.

This year is looking huge with the many after parties and the news of the Oi You Soundsystem. Located on Portabello Road outside the Duke Of Wellington this is the Soundsystem too be at.


Our man Blaise Bellville has put together a carnival mix and its devastating. From stert to finish you're treated to some of the best Dancehall you're likely to hear. All these tunes will be blaring out speakers this weekend so get involved and get hyped.

Listen here...

Download >>>HERE<<<

This vibe. Coventry '08 stand up...

Haha. This guy will be there...

GGN Part5 -Chaos

Just when you thought you've seen enough club night pictures up pops Ollie Danger with a truckload.

Last Thursday GGN destroyed the Macbeth....It was like Hiroshima at the end, bodies and debris everywhere. Thanks to everyone who came and made it what is was. Big shouts need to go out to the headliners, Real Gold blessed the dance in the form of Rockwell and Chris Mannnn both dropping some next level 90's hip hop. Lixo as always pulled out all the stops.

On with the (many) pics...






































Next GOT GOT NEED 17th September.