Monday 23 May 2011

Introducing:Pam Glew

Pam Glew

Where are you from?
Brighton, UK

Describe the art you make?
Bleached Portraits on Vintage Fabric & Flags.

Last person you made art with/for - latest commissions?
Red Bull, London- a union jack with screaming fans for their Recording Studio. Mark Knight DJ- cover artwork for his forthcoming album 'Life at 33,000 feet'

Tell us about your next exhibition? Its based on the 1920s, silent movies and the jazz age; decadence, party socialites and pioneers who burnt out early. I've made 15 bleached portraits, but this time on antique fabric from the 1920-30s, plus some small editions on aluminium which is a new one for me. It's a vast gallery space, with 2 floors, the original bleached portraits are upstairs and there's a show of my small & rare limited edition print runs downstairs. Its my largest and most ambitious solo show yet. 'Beautiful and Damned' at Blackall studios, Leonard Street, London, 25-29 May.
Who are your Influences? For this show; movie stars Clara Bow, Louise Brooks & Marlene Dietrich and the spirit of aviators Charles Lindbergh & Amelia Earhart- who were stupidly brave. My art influences are quite eclectic; Tapies, Warhol, Egon Schiele, Rauschenberg & Annette Messager.

What music do you make art to?
The Doors, Florence and the Machine, Vampire Weekend are my current ipod favourites. When I was making this series I was listening to a lot of Duke Ellington & Amon Tobin. my assistant likes avant-garde noise bands, old-school grunge & Lily Allen, so we swap ipods and take the piss out of each other's bad music collections.

Favorite item of clothing you own?
A Robot t-shirt from 'T-Bar' in Sydney, the robot is made from ghetto blasters. I'm a bit obsessed with images of vintage robots.

Your five needs to get high on life? Music, Art, Good company, The Sea, New Places.

Favorite meal?
you cant beat a good Sunday roast in Brighton, Ive tried most of them and still reckon the Roast Pork at the Royal Sovereign is the winner, slow roasted for a zillion hours, amazing.

Drink of choice?
dry white wine in a nice big glass please. In winter - chai latte.

Is it Better Never, Than Late?
Yes. that's me.

What's set for 2011?
After this show in May, I've got a few commissions to get into, then a solo in NY in November which will be my first solo in the States.

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